jingle dress dancer

Nîmihitowin; Jingle Dress

a playlist for Jingle Dress dancers.

1. Ladies Jingle Dress - Black Lodge Singers 2. Intertribal - Iron Horse 3. Jingle Dress Side Step - Young Spirit 4. Jingle Dress Song - Thunder Mountain 5. Intertribal - Black Hawk Singers 6. Nokimisnaanig (Sidestep) -  Bear Creek 7. Jingle Dress Song - Raining Thunder 8. Sidestep - Whitefish Jrs. 9. Jingling Song - Black Lodge Singers 10. Jingle Dress Straight - Grey Buffalo 11. Jingle Dress Sidestep - Black Thunder Singers 12. Harney’s Takeout (Jingle Dress Song) - Stoney Bear 13. Jingle Dress Side Step - Big River Cree

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TBT. But every day is a good day to be indigenous! 

(Just some photos taken throughout my year as the Stampede Indian Princess) 1st Photo taken by Karyn Lee, photos 2-7 taken by Noah Fallis from Calgary’s Avenue Magazine


“I grew up in a churchy town. There were sixteen churches in a town of 2,000 people. Mennonite, Catholic, Lutheran. So everybody was in the closet. It wasn’t about being Two-Spirit, because nobody was out where I come from.

Growing up, I felt the energy from different people who were Two-Spirit. It’s like we knew each other, even if we didn’t talk about it, because it was something that we were silent about. I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada, so it’s different than here. That’s why I came out here, because it’s more acceptable to be who you are in this particular city than anywhere else I’ve ever been. When I truly found who I was, it was like an explosion. Like, ‘Wow, I can be who I am?’

Two-Spirit means having both male and female spirits within you, like a gender fluidity between male and female. I don’t think one’s more important than the other. They balance each other. We go along the gender spectrum. We’re fluid in it, we’re not just stuck in one place.

Part of my Two-Spirit identity is being a male traditional dancer, even though I’m female. There’s a lot of men who cross into being either a jingle dress dancer, or a female traditional dancer. It’s all about who our spirit tells us we are, not who society tells us we are.

Right now my cousin’s son is expressing himself. He’s dressing up as a princess, and I’m glad she’s allowing him to be who he is. Posting pictures on Facebook, even, not keeping it hidden. And I like that, because she’s empowering him. Until we embrace our Two-Spirits and bring them back into the circle, it’s never gonna be a circle, because we complete it.”

Sewella (a.k.a. Mo)

Willow Cree from Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada


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Tweet:  First Nations Jingle Dress Dancer celebrates Stephen #Harper’s defeat at Main & Portage ave in #Winnipeg.

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