jinginai time


Oda has drawn mafia/gangster related artwork before. Remember the Jinginai Time, No Respect Time? Then there are the color spreads from chapters 464 and 664. The final battle in One Piece Film: Strong World, they were decked out mafia-style clothes.

I really hope Sanji is from a mafia family instead of a noble family. That would make a lot more sense. It would explain his taste in clothes, his smoking, his cursing, his short-temper and violent tendency. Also you don’t have to be in a noble family to have arranged marriages. All social classes in many cultures did it.

Somewhere in time Sanji and his family must have gotten separated. They probably assumed he was dead, which would explain why they never looked for him. Sanji on the other hand wasn’t interested in going back, but instead started his journey for All Blue. Sanji kept his family name a secret and has gone 14 years without making any contact with them. That’s a long time. His family must really suck. I mean, look what they did when they found out he was alive, they arranged a marriage without consulting him first. I would be piss.

Right now I think Sanji only went with Capone Bege to tell his family off and call off the marriage. Of course there will be some problems.

“Who needs enemies, when you got family.”