The High Rollers crew in pixel form!

Left to Right: Cam, Jiutou, Elora, and Trellimar

I literally just did this in default paint with a touch-up in Medibang since my tablet pen is broken.


Namjoon moves in next door to Taehyung, neither has any idea what to expect. Tae hides nothing while Namjoon hides everything. Tae is hoping for a friend, at first, and Namjoon just wants to be left alone. What if they both get more than they expected?

Have some more skullgirls ocs… from Beowulf’s past.

Jing and Beowulf used to date before Beo got all famous and was crowned as Canopy Kingdom’s Hero. Jing wasn’t much a fan of what the fame did to Beowulf’s character and broke it off  due to the former’s rise in fame getting to his head; resulting strife within their relationship. Since then, he has been married to a man named Hound and they live happily together with their two daughters. Known for his quick movements in the boxing ring with his famous “Nine-Punch Assault,” which could knock out any opponent senseless. 

Nanuk was a famous old wrestler who was Beowulf’s first win to which led to his rise in fame. Nanuk continued on wrestling despite the loss but saw how quickly people move their favors to someone new in the business. He retired during the war and lives comfortably with his wife and daughter’s family. He occasionally invites Beowulf out hunting to talk about the old days. Known for his Iceberg Quake (a body slam), which instantaneously stunned all his foes into unconsciousness… except Beowulf.