Where I've been

Besides the odd post here and there I’ve somewhat disappeared online these past few months. There’s plenty of reasons why, but to put it simple: I needed some time off. I needed to get away from being constantly online, struggling with my art, trying to be noticed and on top of it all I couldn’t find a job and started to feel useless and brought myself down constantly. I’ve also taken a step back and been scared to socialize, trying to overcome that bit by bit.

I do want to make one thing clear, while I may have not been very active, I have still been checking out my friends accounts and I’m well aware of the events and important things that have happened in your lives. Just because you haven’t heard from me me doesn’t mean I don’t care. I know it’s the same the other way around as well, the older we get the more busy our lives become.

So what have I learned during my time away?

I’ve learned that I need to balance my life a lot more. I used to spend most of my free time either endlessly scrolling on tumblr or impossibly trying to catch up on youtube subscriptions. I couldn’t keep up with all of it, so I’ve halved about everything I’ve been following, leaving me with more free time to focus on other important things. I’ve been working on a simple schedule and respecting it and it’s doing wonders.

I’ve learned to enjoy the outside more. Walking our dog has helped me a lot, I take much longer walks with her now than I have before and it’s a great way to both empty the worries in my mind and fill them with positive thoughts. It’s also good for my health.

I’ve learned that it’s not always important to be important. I put too much pressure on myself both art wise and in real life. I’ve always felt like a very average person on all accounts and this constantly brough me down. Maybe I’ll never be that great an artist, maybe I’ll never be that important to some people & maybe I’ll never be the best. I’m starting to realize that’s ok. I should do things on my own pace and not compare myself with other people constantly. I’ve been trying to hard to be someone I’m not and I’ve lost sight of the real me along the way.

I’ve also learned that there are some things you can’t change and that’s also ok.

So with that all said, what’s currently happening in my life?

After a full year of looking, I have finally found myself a simple job, not as a graphic designer, but at least I have an income. This is extra important because this upcoming monday me and my girlfriend are getting the keys to our very own apartment. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to finally get my own place, it’s way overdue.

I’m taking this as a fresh start so once we’re all settled in I plan on being more active again, show up on Skype some more and catch up with friends again. I won’t be having internet there earlier than the 23rd and I do plan on slowly trying to find a good balance of being active online, so keep that in mind.

I’ve missed you guys, I hope you’ve missed me.

Sorry for the lack of uploads recently. I’ve been working on a short comic but these last few days I can’t seem to draw crap =/ I’ll keep trying though! In the meanwhile have some pictures of the actual Britland ABC book that I got printed, while not perfect I’m quite proud of the final result.

This specific one isn’t for sale, but me and Fearn are going to look into printing a simpler version along the lines of The Sickly Sweet Situation. If you’re interested in that let me know! I’ll keep you guys up to date!