jkillersmile  asked:

I love namjin so much(ok i ship jin with tae, namjoon and kidoh) lol but your blog yesssshhh i love it ;__;

honestly, I ship TaeJin as mom & son bcuz they’re so sweet~~ and I know how much they appreciate each other

how could I do these incest things! Shame on me agai

Jin and Kidoh, yeah~ I’ve answered on your question before that they’re look alike and they seem like twin-brothers to me. It’s awesome that they are good friends and still support each other. Also as they are on the same stage now I hope they can talk a little in restroom~

But :DDD I can’t help shipping NamJin. I SHIP THEM SO BADLY even I don’t know why they are so touching for me~~ They just ARE! :D Love them so much and just hope that I’m not the one person in the world~

Actually I ship some more pairings in Bangtan, but NamJin the most ♥

so, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your gratitude and responses to me Q_Q I really love to chat with other ppl about NamJin (or just about Bangtan) 

Thank you for following my blog QQ

I’m so happy today bcus of you~~~