jinder mahal

Not liking Jinder Mahal as a champion doesn’t necessarily make you a racist shitbag, you’re entitled to your own opinion. 

Attempting to discredit his win which includes among other things

  • Suggesting that the Indian fanbase is inherently stupid. 
  • Suggesting that they shouldn’t be catered to (because god forbid WWE caters to anyone outside of your circle) 
  • Trying to take away what his win means to Indians by saying “He’s Canadian!(He’s Indo-Canadian you fucks, it still counts)
  • Trying to argue the fact that his own people ‘hate’ him, completely disregarding the actual Indian fans who are ecstatic to finally have this kind of representation. 

Makes you a racist shitbag with no idea how a business works and you should fall back in the dank-ass ditch you came out of. 

Don’t @me unless the shoe fits. 

you know, seeing jinder with the championship just reminds me of how annoyed i was on twitter to see a bunch of american wwe fans claim that it was ‘’laugh of loud’’ funny to hear the indian commentary team reacting to jinder winning. only because they were chanting ‘number one’ and ‘india’s number one’ in english. americans love joking about anything than isn’t western wrestling related, huh