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1. Do you have fears ?

yes, to the darkness ;A;

2. Who’s your favorite Vocaloid ?

Gumi, she is soo cute >///////////<

3. Did you watch AnoHana ? If yes, what was your reaction at the end ? TwT

yes, and my reaction was…

i cried for 2 whole days ;A;

4. What’s your favorite band ? *-*

My Chemical Romance all because of gerard way <3

5. Yaoi or Yuri ?


6. Favorite song ?

Cherry Saku Yuuki - An Cafe

7. When was the first time that you saw Tumblr ? oxo

When my best friend had tumblr, i thought it was so cool so i had tumblr :D

8. Favorite Vocaloid song ?

Eraser - Gumi <3

9. Favorite male character ? e_e

Luffy - One Piece <3 he’s just too….

10. Favorite Yaoi OTP ? *µ*

uuuuhh i have a lot… but my favorite ever is misaki x usagi - Junjou Romantica


1.- your first reaction watching porn in tumblr.

2.- Tell about your first love.

3.- Favorite character in anime and reasons why you love him/her.

4.-junjou romantica or sekaiichi hatsukoi?

5.-Describe your perfect soulmate.

6.-Favorite actor/actress.

7.-The simpsons or Dr.House?

8.-If you ever dedicate a song to your mom what song will you pick?

9.-Favorite color?

10.-What is the best present that you ever had?