Kanji Decorations in the Hokage Tower

I’m surprised that I can’t find someone already writing about this, but I noticed that Tsunade’s office and the halls of the Hokage Tower are decorated with kanji and I thought people who don’t read kanji might be interested.

Disclaimer: I read Chinese, not Japanese, but the meaning of characters and four character idioms is the same more often than it is different between the two languages; also I have crosschecked against Japanese dictionary jisho.org

Ok, so, the above image to start.

On the left, you see the single character I most want you to know, love, and appreciate with regard to Naruto. This is the character for the “nin” in “ninja” and “ninjutsu” and the “shino” in “shinobi”. But. It also means “endure, bear up under, tolerate, to move patiently, to be stealthy”.

I feel this is one of the most beautifully evocative characters, it consists of a heart 心 under a blade 刀 (as fans of my fanfic already know). So this character is communicating the concept of enduring even at a knife’s point.

When Jiraiya and Orochimaru are having their pissing contest about what “ninja” means, when Jiraiya says a ninja is one who endures, he didn’t pull that out of nothing. 忍者 “ninja” could, in fact, be literally translated as “endurer” with perfect truth.

So this is an interesting choice and it caught my eye. This character means “anger” or “rage”. So already this is an interesting choice to pair with 忍.

You’ll also notice that like 忍 this character has heart 心 at the bottom. The top of this character is 奴 “(female) slave” which is composed of 女 “woman" and 又 “right hand”.

Now technically this is a phonetic component, but it’s hard to miss the plain arrangement of the characters and I would reject any attempt to say that the choice is completely arbitrary. The notion that “anger, rage” is something “slavish about the heart,” and the fact that the character for “anger” is made up of “woman, hand, heart”, is not something that people are going to just not notice over millennia.

The juxtaposition of these two characters implies to me a kind of balance that perhaps Tsunade particularly wants to inspire her, since this is her office. On the one hand, endure. On the other hand, take no shit.


“Taizen jijaku”: cool and collected


“Onkou tokujitsu”: gentle and sincere


“Tenimuhou”: flawless (heavenly clothes without seam, literally)


Now this is interesting, I couldn’t actually find this idiom in either of the Japanese dictionaries I checked. In Mandarin, this would be “jin1 ke1 yu4 lü4″ and it literally means “golden regulations, jade laws”–presented in isolation as an inspirational image, like this, it basically means “our rules and laws are precious and unbreakable” (!!!!!!!!!).

Anyone spot anymore of these hanging scrolls? I think they’re very interesting, in the complementing and contrasting ideals that they’re portraying.

10 Things I want to Do with BTS

A/N: Ok, I’m quickly going to say this: THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL POST!! 

I agree the boys are hot and sexy but they are also nice human beings and there are things I want to do with them that DO NOT involve ‘ahem’.

Also, these are just 10 of the BILLIONS of things I would want to share with them. I might make a part 2 or part 1038 of this, who knows? Just bear with me, please. Love you too!

 On with it then!


1. Celebrate Christmas with him. Can you imagine being able to decorate a tree and open presents with this cutie??

2. Standing on the Skydeck at Chicago. Ok, this is random but I was checking out travelling online and this came up and I just thought, “Hey, imagine holding Jin’s hand while doing this, he would be so protective.”

3. Ride the London Eye. Same goes for this. Online research plus Awake just gives me ideas.

4. Slow Dance in the Rain. Ok, this is more personal but I couldn’t help it. He’s tall and his shoulders and it’s raining outside right now so there it it. Plus he would be so sweet about it, twirling me round and round.

5. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. This is probably the most Jin thing I’ve thought of. Maybe not the animal shelter exactly but he owns a dog (it is adorable) and I can’t see him refusing the idea of being helpful among cuddly creatures.

6. Spend a Day at the Waterpark. Just Imagine, walking on a bridge near the splash mountain and being splashed with him. Wasn’t it just great? The way he would act offended when you laughed at him but he would join in.

7. Whale Watching. Again, personal preference. I love dolphins too but I see Jin on a yatch pointing out the whales while sniggering at my awe struck face.

8. Bake Everything in a cookbook. Need I say more?

9. Horseback riding on a beach. Wow, sea spray, horses and Jin, three of my favourite things…

10. Go to a Chocolate Factory. Ok, I’ve already been so I know how awesome it it. It is definitely an experience I would want to share with Kim Soekjin.

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1.Bonfire on the Beach. Nope, nothing else, just him and me, the sea and the stars…if he wants to rap the cyphers, well, who would mind?

2. Midnight stroll in Paris. Ok, this was a complete bombshell. My friend was looking up things to do in Paris. (We do have a life, I promise) and she told me about this and I just had a flash of Yoongi being unable to sleep on a holiday and me dragging him out for a walk.

3. Spontaneous Roadtrip. This is so me. I would just grab him and go. He would probably hate me but I don’t care.

4. Disney World!! Somehow I can’t see him being mad about this. probably grouchy but once I don Mickey Hats on us both well, poof!

5. Wizarding World of Harry Potter. No, no way am I missing this with Yoongi. He’s such a serious guy and I am determined to make him live my childhood with me.

6. Cute photos in a booth. We’ve all seen Yoongi doing the reluctant aegyo. Can you imagine what it would be like to have him do the real thing?

7.Fireplace cuddling. Warmth and Suga Boy go together don’t you think?

8. The Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan. Call m crazy but I think it would be him suggesting we do this. Maybe just to see my face.

9. Disney Movies. Also, not mad, grouchy yes, but he is going to sing along, I just know it.

10. Masquerade Ball. This is one of my all time favourites. I had a dream of meeting him in a masquerade ball and from then, I just want this to be real. Imagine Min Yoongi in a tux and a simple black mask. Irresistible, much?

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1. Hot Air Balloon Ride. I know, I know but I just want Sun 1 to meet Sun 2.

2. Drive-in Movie. Not the crowded kind, maybe just a small garden we’d set up a private theatre in with homemade popcorn and drinks and blankets.

3. Jetski. I had so much fun on this and seeing as Hobi is hesitant about these things, I just want to help him get over it.

4. Seeing the Grand Canyon. I just saw a pic of Jhope with a lopsided snapback, thought, ‘wow, this would be amazing to stand next to’ and here it is.

5. See a broadway play. Ok, so we’ve all seen Hobi in a sparkly jacket, I can just picture his clapping along and singing to a musical.

6. Visit a Trampoline Park. Say enough I guess.

7. Release a paper lantern. Cliche but he would be so into it.

8. Have a glitter fight. I just want to grab him, pin him down…and make him sparkle even more than he already does.

9. Paint Balloon darting. Ah, he is art and he would want to create art. Who am I to say no?

10. Sailing. Imagine Jung Hoseok in sunglasses, a tank, shorts on a yatch. Gave you feels? Good.

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1. Ice Skating. Ok, so again, I see him suggesting this cause he knows I can’t ice skate and he’d want to teach me, (I’ll probably fall like Tae but he knows when to catch people)

2. Stonehenge. Most of this is going to be travelling with Joonie, seeing places, learning cause we both like it and this is the best place to start.

3. Mayan Ruins. Can you imagine the amount of research this man does when the trip is mentioned. Hell of a lot more that I would do anyways.

4. See the Northern Light. No explanations needed. Both of us love it and We’re going, that’s final.

5. Hot Tub in Winter. Ok, this is a bit more risque, but no funny business. Just sitting and talking about whatever we want to talk about.

6. Sunset on the Beach. If he wants to kiss me, all the more better.

7. The Black Sand Beach. It’s a dream of mine. I want to go and who better to go with than the man of my dreams.

8. The Louvre. Da Vinci and Rap Monster in one place. I’m going to cry…

9. The Original Starbucks. He would be so into the history of it…even if it’s just coffee.

10. Stargazing. The love I have for this and Kim Namjoon is unconditional.

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1. All Nighter. Movies, Blankies and Pizzas and ChimChim. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Riding a Double Decker in London. I can just imagine, resting my head on his shoulders while we go by.

3. Take a Photo of Each Day of a Year.

4. Create a Memory Box from the above said photos, to be brought out at New Years.

5. Going on top of the Ferris Wheel. Even better with the moon and a kiss.

6. Building a blanket fort and having a sitting pillow fight in it. My heart…

7. Visiting the seven wonders. Now that I’ve met the actual seven wonders, time to visit the man made ones.

8. Horse Carriage ride. Jimin is already a disney prince. This doesn’t need to be explained.

9. Tent on the Beach. Reading cheesy novel quotes to each other, singing ballads of bts and marshmallows. Wow…

10. Trevi Fountain in Rome. I would so make a wish that this was long lasting with Park Jimin.

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1. Night Walks after it has snowed. I can just picturing him bundled up but he tries to wrap me up so I won’t be cold. This sweetie…

2. Horror Movie Marathon. Either of us could be on each other’s laps. Which is perfect, tbh.

3. Fireworks on the beach. Imagine how his inner child would react.

4. Waterfall Shower. No real reason. I just can’t get the thought of him in swimming trunks out of my head.

5. Which is why I want to jump into a pool with him fully clothed. It’s messy and playful which is exactly what he would love.

6. Go to Greece with him. I have always wanted to go and I can’t imagine anyone better than photographer Vante with me.

7. Walk through a Drive thru. This is more him and me though. He would be the one to suggest this.

8. Spend a day at the Library. He would whine and want to do something fun but at the end he would find an intriguing book and just settle down. He’d probably even refuse to leave later.

9. Harry Potter Movie Marathon. I just want to see him holding my wand and screaming stupefy and expelliarmus at the screen, so help me.

10. Pull a prank on someone. *laughing maniacally* I give you Kim Taehyung!

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1. Eat an Italian Gellato. A friend brought back a frozen solid on a trip and I was watching BTS Run and Kookie showed up and now I will forever want to share a gellato with him.

2. Attend a cooking class. He’s competent and efficient enough in the kitchen but his glazed potatoes killed me and gave me this idea in my afterlife.

3. Go to Juliet’s House in Verona. He would be curious about this. I think he must know the story so he would be easy enough to convince.

4. Take a picture at the Hollywood Sign. Make him do a dorky pose. Ah…love…

5. Paint Balling. He’s not the only golden Maknae around. Beware the Diamond Maknae (That’s me) It’s going to get so competitive…

6. Go on an African Safari. Bon Voyage did this to me. I take no blame but Jungkook in a straw hat…

7. Visit a Castle. I would so kiss him if he accepts this. I have always wanted to visit a European one. Plus, he’s prince enough for this.

8. Walk behind a waterfall. In India there are so many waterfalls. I think he would want to do this.

9. Have a Photoshoot. Definitely a Jungkook suggestion. He would pose so adorkably and then he would want to turn the camera on me. Just imagine…

10. Visit the Sistine Chapel. One of my lifelong dreams tbh. Oh Angels, I am bringing one of your angels, Jeon Jungkook to your abode.

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bangtaniess  asked:

Bangtan 🌹

  • My first bias: …jimin :’)
  • Your current bias and why: jin!!! the most amazing guy in the world
  • Favourite song: save me or young forever
  • Favourite MV: young forever or run
  • OTP: taejin 
  • Member you think has the best smile: jin 
  • Favourite choreography: spring day
  • Favourite era: run
  • Do you own any merchandise: - 
  • Have you seen them live: :((((((((((((
  • Favourite voice/singer: JIN1!!!
  • Favourite dancer: hoseok!!!

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行星 (xing2 xing1) - planet; literally “moving star”

Here are all the planets for your spaceblr needs :D

水星 (shui3 xing1) - Mercury; literally “water star”

金星 (jin1 xing1) - Venus; lit. “golden star”

地球 (di4 qiu2) - Earth

火星 (huo3 xing1) - Mars; lit. “fire star”

木星 (mu4 xing1) - Jupiter; lit. “wood star”

土星 (tu3 xing1) - Saturn; lit. “earth/soil star”

天王星 (tian1 wang2 xing1) - Uranus; lit. “ruler of the sky star”

海王星 (hai3 wang2 xing1) - Neptune; lit. “ruler of the sea star”

冥王星 (ming2 wang2 xing1) - Pluto (of course); lit. ”ruler of the underworld star”

星座 (xing1 zuo4) - constellation; horoscope

Because tumblr loves horoscopes ;)

水瓶座 (shui3 ping2 zuo4) ♒️ - aquarius

双鱼座 (shuang1 yu2 zuo4) ♓️ - pisces

牡羊座 (mu3 yang2 zuo4) ♈️ - aries

金牛座 (jin1 niu2 zuo4) ♉️ - taurus

双子座 (shuang1 zi3 zuo4) ♊️ - gemini

巨蟹座 (ju4 xie4 zuo4) ♋️ - cancer

狮子座 (shi1 zi3 zuo4) ♌️ - leo

处女座 (chu3 nü3 zuo4) ♍️ - virgo

天秤座 (tian1 cheng4 zuo4) ♎️ - libra

天蝎座 (tian1 xie1 zuo4) ♏️ - scorpio

人马座 (ren2 ma3 zuo4) ♐️ - sagittarius

摩羯座 (mo2 jie2 zuo4) ♑️ - capricorn