The Liar and His Lover Episode 4

“Two strangers learn to fall in love…”

Kang Han-kyeol. You. stubborn. fool. Look in the mess we are at now, would have killed you to listen to that damn audio before saying no? And, come on! You can’t tell the girl you hate women who sing and then ask her to sing your song! On the second episode you told So-rim she liked you without really knowing you but it’s you whose putting no effort into knowing what’s going on with her, even when you are interested from a professional viewpoint. I even believe you are interested in some other way but like I said before you are a stubborn fool. I hope you quit being hang up on your break up because, let’s face it, you wrote that song, poured all your feelings in it and got over it.

After today’s developments it’s time for Han-kyol to face the music about how he makes other people feel with his attitude. Take for example the scene where he sees So-rim outside the label’s building, after talking to Yoo-na, he wanted to ran away from that conversation so fast that at one point he had forgotten he was with So-rim. And then because she makes him feel better and forget about his ordeals, he selfishly asked her to hang out with no regards of her feelings.

And this is when I really start to like So-rim. Sure, at first glance and after knowing her better, you can see there’s a purity to her but at the same time she’s not dense at all. She’s a very smart cookie who can see right through Han-kyeol’s lies and feelings. And I love she confront him about it, forcing him and her to deal with what’s happening. She might be easy-going but she’s no pushover, and I’m really excited to see how she will behave in the cut through music industry with so many vultures going after her talent. I can see her blooming into a strong young woman, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I also appreciate she’s keeping herself fateful to her friends, and that at least one of the them is questioning whatever they are truly talented or if they are getting a free ride because of her. I’m sure this will explode in their faces sooner or later and I just worry how strong will the blow be.

In contrast and comparison, I wish Yoo-na would show some backbone. She was touched by the song he wrote about them, but anyone can see he’s put everything into the music and moved on. I get why she tried to make things better between her and Han-kyeol, but what was she expecting? What I am afraid of is that now he has refused -inadvertently- to produce So-rim and her band, he will be stuck working with either Yoo-na or his father.

Speaking of which, why is Kang In-woo working with his “old friend” again? What are his intentions? This man stole his songs, made a profit and won fame through his work, leaving him out of all of it. It’s no wonder that Hyun-jung is wary of him. I don’t think he has bad intentions, he doesn’t seem like the type, maybe he’s looking to reconnect with Han-kyeol? Which leads to me to other question: why is Han-kyeol looking for his father? What happened between them?

Chan-yeong’s desperation was palpable. I could really feel how sincere he was about becoming So-rim’s producer, he truly admires her voice and maybe even has a little crush on her, but that’s something that really hasn’t show much as of now so I’m not taking it into account. What I think it’s worth mentioning now it’s his relationship with Han-kyeol.

On yesterday’s episode we could see how Han-kyeol has a inferiority complex regarding Chan-yeong, and today we witnessed it works both ways. Chan-yeong is also trying to prove himself as a good musician, especially when he feels like he has to constantly fill in another’s shoes and that person is a genius songwriter. These two are more alike than they believe, they both love music, they both feel trapped in a situation they don’t like, and they are both trying to find their way to cope with it. Of all the relationships in the show, I really want to see where this one is going.

And what is Crude Play trying to do by posting those videos? I get why they are doing it but, unlike Chan-yeong and Han-kyeol, this could cost their careers. Are they willing to go though the scandal this could cause in order to play music like they used to? It would seem like the answer is yes, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like they have thought this through. I want to know more about the inner workings of this band.

I worry because I love them, even though they have had very little screen time. Their bromance is adorable. And this face, this face right here, it’s the captain of my ship. Enough said.

Blunt Drama Recap 2014 (Part 3 of 4)

One Warm Word

I know my husband is cheating. I’m going to make him cry blood in a super smooth way but why the hell my lil bro fell in love with that cheating woman’s sister?! In the end we made up though coz he’s super hot.  

God’s Gift 14 Days

After drowning in a magic lake, I get to time-travel to the past to change my daughter’s fate who gets killed in the present because she can’t obey my words. I succeed but the detective who has been helping me all this time is kinda sacrificed to that lake. 

Doctor Stranger

I’m a genius surgeon. I did everything to find my spy girlfriend. Things are getting confusing since my girlfriend is not like my girlfriend but things finally worked out pretty well.  


I was deep in debt and I met this young rich lady CEO who offered to help me pay my debt if I lend myself to her for a few days for work. I agreed. My wife mistook it as an affair. We got a divorce and so I start a new relationship with the lady CEO. 


I’m a cold-blooded prosecutor who is about to get serious with my awesome career but damn suddenly I got this serious tumor in my brain. But I will fight it. 

You Who Came From The Stars

I’m an alien in a handsome human form. I’ve lived for hundreds years on earth while waiting for my spaceship to come. During my last wait, I fell in love with an actress who happened to be the reincarnated version of the girl I have helped in the past. Finally we managed to go through all the obstacles.   

You’re All Surrounded

I mistook a good cop ahjussi as a bad guy who have killed my mother. In the end I get to find the real killer. I’m sorry, good guy ahjussi. 

It’s Okay It’s Love

When I couldn’t have sex because of a trauma, a handsome schizophrenic oppa is the right medicine. Later I have to treat his mental illness but it’s okay coz it’s love.

She’s So Lovable

I fall in love with my dead girlfriend’s much younger sister but I can do this coz love haz no boundaries. 


My family was ruined because of a fabricated report made by a female reporter. I live in fear but still plan to take a revenge but years later I fall in love with the daughter of that woman reporter.

Angel Eyes

My mother gave her eyes to my girlfriend but my girlfriend’s dad is the one that killed my mother. I am angry and my girlfriend is devastated after finding out the truth, but our love conquers it all. 

Birth of A Beauty 

After getting a plastic surgery, I survived the cruel society. Now I’m planning to take a revenge to my murderous husband with the help of a handsome genius CEO who falls in love with the pretty me. 

Un día me puse a pensar en algo. Me puse a pensar en que los personajes principales no están sólo en los dramas o en las películas. En realidad, hay personas que viven su vida como personajes principales y algunos que viven como personajes secundarios. Este tipo de pensamiento me hizo notar que tal vez fui yo quien decidió ser uno de los personajes secundarios. Renunciar con tanta facilidad y dejar que la vida te dicte tu camino, fui yo quien apagó la luz que brillaba en mí. La gente suele decir que la vida no es un cuento de hadas, pero a veces, como un niño, y también otras veces, como un tonto, hay que soñar con una vida de cuento de hadas. Si no apagas tu luz y no renuncias a tus sueños, tal vez, algo más grande que un cuento de hadas podría suceder. Cosas como los milagros realmente pueden suceder.
—  She was pretty
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo Episode 15

I think we have all been waiting for this episode, where Joon-hyun finally speaks out about his feelings regarding the fake postcards and his biological mother’s abandonment.

I think the episode delivered, although I find bio-Mom’s excuses weak and outright disrespectful to Joon-hyun’s feelings. The firsts few scenes with her were painful to watch, he was so quiet and shy, like he had turn into the little introverted child he once was. I understand there was a lot going on inside him, so he couldn’t find the right words or actions but, at the same time, all this made me think his bio-mother made the right choice to leave him with his uncle, aunt and cousin. I felt he was conflicted more than happy.

The real angst, though, came because his mother didn’t even comeback to see him, she did it to find help for her other child, so from the very beginning we know where her priorities are. Problem is that once again his family choose to feed him flowery lies and half-truths. I’m happy Joon-hyun didn’t stay silent because he is a mature, happy and well-adjusted young adult, and it’s time his family starts to treat him like one. His fight with his mother was heart wrenching but needed because only anger would make him say out loud all of those fears he has been bottling up.

Joon-hyun’s disappearing act was surprising, not because he needed to take a break from his family but because he didn’t call Bok-joo. I was sure that when this happened he would reach out to her immediately, but at the end no matter how much you love someone, sometimes you just need time to process thing. Alone. In the state he left his house, now I see, he wouldn’t have been able to articulate what was happening inside him properly.

I’m proud of Joon-hyun today. He has always being an incredibly endearing, fun and insightful leading man, but today he took humongous steps into becoming an adult who is in charge of his life. At the end, it didn’t matter to him what reason his bio-mother had to comeback, what was important was that he has a family with whom he can feel loved and protected, a home to go back to. And that’s what matters. His mother, like those shoes she gave him, don’t fit into his life. So, by giving back his mother’s handkerchief, he let her go and said goodbye to that little shy and sad boy.

Bok-joo went on a little journey of her own too. The entire situation that Joon-hyun was going through, made her rethink where her priorities are. Weightlifting is still an important part of her life but she also realized how essential Joon-hyun has been in order for Bok-joo to be able to achieve her dreams. This is why I love this show, because Bok-joo and Joon-hyun are best friends before anything else. When he needed her, she did everything in her power to find him and support him through his bad times. And also knock some senses into his head.

As much this episode resolved Joon-hyun’s trauma and family problems, it was also a testament to their relationship. That tacit honesty, respect and love that made them come together, today it was strengthen in a way that makes you (and them) realize this is no puppy love. I can say with confidence that whatever happens in the future, Bok-joo and Joon-hyun are for the long, long run.

Kudos to you, show. It’s amazing what a beautiful relationship you have developed in 15 episodes and I’m looking forward to see what will happen next.

On a lighter note, uncle Dae-ho seems to have found his better half too. GOOD. I like this girl way better for him than Coach Choi. Speaking of which, are Professor Yoon and Coach together now? It seems like it.

Bok-joo made it to the National Team! (YOU GO GIRL). The surprise party scene was another great moment for all our characters, it’s like the actors casted in the show are comedy gold when they are all together in the same room.

But this also means Bok-joo is moving to Taereung for training. Sadly, Joon-hyun didn’t qualify this time, so they will have to do long-distance for a little while. No worry, like I said before they are together and will remain together for long time.

What does worry me is Dad’s disease. I know this is a cheerful show so nothing bad will happen but I have grow very fond of all these characters and hate to see them suffering.

I can’t believe Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo will be ending next week. I’m going to miss this show dearly, not only because it’s my sweet and happy place but also because I have been pleasantly surprised week after week with the strong storyline and character development. Not to mention the constant stereotype breaking and lack of troupes. This kdrama is a true beauty.

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Newsies 2016 Korean cast Press night
King of New York

Choi Su jin as Katherine
Kang Sung wook as Davey
Lee Tae kyung as Les

My Favorite Kdrama Kisses from 2015... (in no particular order)

Ji Sung Joon & Kim Hye Jin (She Was Pretty)

Cha Hong Do & Ko Yi Seok (Heart to Heart)

Na Bong Seon & Kang Seon Woo (Oh My Ghostess)

Kim Young Ho & Kang Joo Eun (Oh My Venus)

Ji Eun Dong & Park Hyun Soo (My Love Eun Dong)

Oh Ri Jin & Shin Se Gi (Kill Me, Heal Me)