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BTS : What kind of Yandere they would be

This is just a personal opinion. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of the summer so I don’t know very much. Also my writings are mainly for theatrics not so much accuracy so don’t kill me. Thnxxx.


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Okay, so I think Jin would be one of the more possessive/aggressive ones. I think at first he’d be just possessive and try to be sweet but once you cross a line and he feels he has to punish you, he becomes addicted. He loves to see you cry and be vulnerable. He lives to break you down but he also loves the feisty side of you. You know, the thrill of the chase and all that. To him it wouldn’t be any fun if you’re so willing to do anything he asks. Also likes humiliating you.

“You look so cute all tied up like that jagiya. So vulnerable. You can’t deny me if you wanted to. The punishment will only get worse.”


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Okay so Yoongs is such a sweet little bean but I feel like he would also be pretty aggressive. But more in a sexual way. I think when you need punishing he does it sexually. On the other hand he still can be very soft. He cares about your wellbeing and is very protective over you. The kitchen is off limits for you! There are too many dangerous objects in there. He’s the only thing allowed to hurt you but he doesn’t do it often. He’ll do it to teach you a lesson, “for your safety.” He tracks your phone because he HAS to know where you are at all times. He loves cuddles and attention.

“You’re being a bad girl again. You don’t want me to punish you again do you? You know I don’t like doing that but you never learn.”


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This lil soft muffin would be such an angel. He would do ANYTHING to make you happy. He’ll buy anything you wanted, he would even stock the house up with things only you liked. He wouldn’t restrict you from going out but he would rather you didn’t. He was terrified of you getting hurt in anyway. Anything that could hurt you like; cooking, sewing, or going out to the grocery at night he would do for you for your protection. He rarely got upset at you and he only did when you put yourself in harms way and even then he would apologize and beg for your forgiveness for getting that way. I just think he’s such a soft baby.

“Im sorry I got upset earlier. Can you ever forgive me? Are you hungry? No! Stay right there I’ll get you what you need okay? Let me do it for you baby.”


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Kim Namjoon is the definition of manipulation. He’d be the one to break you into complete submission. He lives for a perfect s/o. He lies, tricks and makes you believe anything he wants. Being that he’s so smart it wouldn’t be that hard. He’s also very protective but not super big on skinship. He restricts your contact with other people because he’s afraid they’ll ruin his hard work and cloud your mind. He lets you go out but as long as you do it alone, and you better believe he’s keeping tabs on you.

“No baby. Don’t believe them. They’re wrong. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Only listen to me okay?”


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Minnie is I think another manipulator. But a soft one? Okay so I think he would sneakily do things to gain your love and time. He would secretly cancel your plans and lie about it just so you can stay home and cuddle with him. Jimin is a slut for attention(samesies). He would even go as far as hurting himself for your sympathy and attention. If you ever hurt his feelings he would blow it way out of proportion so you would feel bad.

“Baby, your friend called, she said she got sick. - at least you can stay here with me.”


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I don’t know why no one believes me when I say I feel like Tae is low key a lil cray cray. I swearrr. Not like murder someone crazy but I feel like he’s very obsessive and possessive. He leaves love marks all over you so everyone can see and he gets upset if you try to cover them. He’ll think you’re hiding them because you’re interested in someone else. He wants everyone to know you’re his. He also I feel like, slightly enjoys humiliating you. He likes seeing you all flustered and caught off guard. He would get a kick out of embarrassing you in front of the other guys. Telling them what you did last night.

“Did anyone hear how loud y/n was last night? She’s so cute right?”


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Kookie I think is the most possessive. He gets really angry when guys talk, look or even breathe next to you. He threatens anything and anyone who gets close to you. He only wants you to think about him. Although he is fairly aggressive, he wouldn’t dare to hurt you. He would whip you into submission by threatening your friends and family. Feels like he’s saving you from the world. Also can be soft for you, he wants to make sure you’re happy but he cares about his happiness more than yours.

“Only pay attention to me. You’re my baby. No one else is good enough for you.”

philocaly {the love of beauty} ~ bts social media au

{ kim seokjin au, kim namjoon au }

part 6: “misgivings” ~ masterlist

author’s note: deadass throwing shade at y’all who think it’s okay to show up at any persons house or location when someone drops a location. it isn’t !!! and don’t do it !!! respect their privacy !!!!

Forbidden Fruit Part 2

a/n: Lots of people asked me to write a second part so here it is hehe :) I know it took me a while to write it but I wanted it to be as perfect as possible and enjoyable to read I hope you like it and feedback is always welcome :) - Admin Sibi

Genre: Angst, a bit of Fluff

Warnings: cursing, feels, a confused reader, a fight (again lol)

Wordcount: 4.7k

Part 1ย | Part 2 | Part 3

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Against The World | knj [Part 2]

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Warning: None

Genre: Mostly angst??

Word Count: 2,157 (I’m sorry I can’t write longer TT TT)

Summary: Your relationship with Namjoon has become distant, and you just found out you were pregnant and you had to tell your unresponsive boyfriend that you were… only to find out he was with someone else all this time.

This was loosely based off a written reaction I read in the #BTS Reactions tag. I forgot to note which account it was from. Please don’t haunt me for life. I’ll try to find it and tag it as soon as possible. I made my own little twist because that reaction hit me hard. Ugh.

You saw it - his smile, his eyes, his nose, and his wonderful dimples. Your baby boy looked more like his father than you, which made you sick to your stomach. The beautiful baby boy that you had that loved to play in the park with his friends. It was the morning that he asked the question that you wanted to avoid as much as you can.

“Mommy, why do my friends have a daddy and I don’t?” You beautiful baby boy asked one morning over breakfast, and all you could do was listen to your heart break. Was this the life that you wanted for you baby? A life full of questions, miseries to come, and the inability to accept that his mother left his father because of a selfish decision? It made you think back to the day that Namjoon found out that you were pregnant.

“Baby, oh my god…” Your boyfriend said, unable to breathe steadily. “Please believe me when I say I am so so sorry.”

It was only a few seconds since you opened your eyes and you were already getting mad. It wasn’t your decision to cheat, it was his. The beeping sounds of the systems connected to your body was getting faster, an indication that there was a bad reaction of seeing Namjoon.

You heart rate grew faster within three seconds and that alarmed the nurses monitoring your vitals. It’s not that you didn’t want to see him, you did. You wanted to cuddle in his arms and cry to him your fears and worries, about the baby, about the future - but you couldn’t. Everytime that you looked at Namjoon, you could only imagine him with another woman. It was the stain that he left on your heart that made you tell him to leave.

“Sir, I think you need to leave.”

“I’m her boyfriend!” He shouted at the nurse, “I’m the father of her child!”

He didn’t want to make a scene, but he didn’t want to leave either. The more that Namjoon shouted, you heart rate was pacing. You were having a hard time breathing because of the anxiety that this fight was causing you.

“Sir, it is advisable that you leave immediately, the patient is getting worse because of your presence.”

“Please, let me at least kiss her before I leave.” The plead that he had in his eyes was sincere. You felt his sincerity, but all you felt was bitterness that filled up your body. He was the reason you were in here in the first place, why would you accept his apology?

The nurse nodded, and Namjoon calmed down. He realized that he was causing you stress and that he had to leave, for you and your unborn child. He kissed you forehead, but you shut your eyes as soon as his touch was on you. He cringed at your response, and he knew that he did enough damage. He had to leave.

On that same day, you told him you were over and that you didn’t want anything to do with him. You were going to raise this child on your own and you wanted him out of your life. He cried, you cried, the whole world cried but he broke your heart and you didn’t want him to do it again.

It wasn’t the pride that made you break both of your hearts, it was your drive to give your baby, your now beautiful baby boy, the life that he deserves. Away from the spot light, away from the lies, away from the pain.

“Baby, I’m sorry but you won’t understand even if I told you.” You kissed your baby boy’s forehead, but a tear slowly dropped from you eye. It was heartbreaking, but you needed to get a grip. It was already hard for you because you had to be as cautious as possible since you lived in Seoul. Your boyfriend or anyone you knew could still see you if you don’t be careful.

You wanted to leave Seoul the second that Namjoon broke your heart, but your job here had a decent pay and you didn’t want to give it up for the sake of your baby. He deserved the best life you alone could provide him.

One time in the plaza, you were with your baby boy and Jungkook accidentally saw you. You had no choice but to run away, or else he would bring you to Namjoon. You almost got hit by a bike that day, you and your baby boy. You didn’t want anything so dangerous to happen again, so when you go out you wear a face mask. It was uncomfortable for you, but you decided it was something that you needed to do for the sake of you and you baby.

“Mommy, can we go to the park later?” Your baby boy asked when you walked out of your apartment. You were on your way to work and you had to bring him to school. “Sure baby, just be good at school, okay love?”

There was a single thought that entered your mind every few minutes throughout the day - “Mommy, why do my friends have a daddy and I don’t?” It hurt every single part of your body and you couldn’t deny that you felt guilty. You felt guilty to your son, to his father, and everyone that cared about you.

You never reached out to your parents as well. You didn’t have the guts to tell them that you got knocked up by your cheating boyfriend. They found out through Namjoon, and they hated him ever since that day I never contacted anyone. They tried contacting you, leaving you messages but you didn’t want them in your life because you just didn’t trust anyone after what happened, not your best friend, not your friends, and not even your parents. It was hard, it was tiring, and it still is, but your baby boy was the only reason why you kept thriving, why kept going.

The day quickly ended and you had to pick up your son. Luckily, you boss was kind enough to give you an earlier shift so that you could be a mother to your child, since he knew that you were alone with him. Your baby boy didn’t have anyone else but you, it was you and him against the world.

The park didn’t take long from his school. It was where all his friends went with their parents to have some quality time together. It was where your baby boy had his curiosity get the best of him. You didn’t want anything but happiness and health for your baby boy, even if costed you a leg and an arm.

Tired was an understatement to what you felt. If it weren’t for your baby boy, you wouldn’t have the motivation to move on. He was the reason why you chose to let go of everyone and everything. Sometimes at night you think about what would have happened if you were never pregnant and you still found Namjoon cheating… your whole world would have collapsed. 

“Mommy, I’ll go play on the swings!”

“Okay, Joohyeon, don’t go too far from mommy, okay?

Sure, you got off work early. But to compensate for that you had a lot of paper work that you always have to take home. That made you sleep late at nights and wake up early for your baby boy. It was tiring, but you needed to suck it up. No one else would be able to provide for the both of you except yourself.

A sigh of relief escaped your mouth. Your feet had been killing you and a slight thumping of pain was going through your head. You had to take a break sooner or later and you were lucky that you had it now.

You were surprised when someone tapped your shoulder. “Y/N?” You knew that voice, your heart stopped. You didn’t want to look and you were not panicking internally.

“It is you.” The voice sighed in relief, as if he had been searching for years, which he technically did. “I finally found you.”

“Jungkook…” You whispered, not expecting this situation to finally come. “I don’t want to talk to you, okay?”

“Please, noona.” Jungkook held to your arm. “Just please let me talk to you. It’s been 5 years, and 1 since I almost caught you at the plaza.” You remembered that day clearly as if t happened yesterday, so you decided to stay calm.

“What do you want Kookie?” You asked, finally giving in. “I don’t have much time, okay? My head is killing me.”

“I won’t be long. Why did you leave?”

“That’s very vague of you. I needed to do this on my own. No one was going to help me but myself.”

“You know that we love you as much noona.”

“Jungkook… I couldn’t trust anyone.” You gritted to your teeth. “You and Hoseok lied to my face that day if you don’t remember. I almost lost my baby that day because you wanted to protect your hyung.”

“I just didn’t want you to get hurt noona.” He tried to reason out, but you stood on your ground, as firm as you could be.

“But I did get hurt, much worse Kookie.” The maknae was at fault, but it wasn’t his fault, it was Namjoon’s. You saw that the younger boy was about to breakdown in front of you. Did he think it was his fault? You were mad at him too, but at the end of the day it was ex’s fault, not his.

“Jungkook, please know that I’m mad and angry about what happened. But it wasn’t your fault. You lied to me, yeah, but it was Namjoon who was at wrong. You shouldn’t blame yourself.”

“It is noona.” He sighed. “I introduced that girl to Namjoon-hyung, I met her at a party and she was really popular at that party and was called the best producer in town. I wanted to help hyung since he said he’s been having a hard time producing. I should have just told him to go home and rest. It’s my fault.”

“Kookie… don’t blame yourself.” You repeated, but slowly stood up. “I really need to go. I want you to know that we’re okay but I don’t want to talk to you anymore, okay? I don’t want to co- Joohyeong?!”

You look around and couldn’t find your baby boy. Your heart stopped beating. Your mind was turning and the headache that you were having had gotten worse.

“Joohyeon?!” You started shouting again and again. “Joohyeon where are you?!”

You saw stars and you were slowly blacking out. It wasn’t until you saw your 4 year old running towards you with a handful of rocks.

“Mommy, look what I found!” He ran up to you with his signature smile, the one that looked like his father. “These are rocks! I want to keep them.”

You felt the blood slowly pumping into your chest again. But you couldn’t get the pain away from your head, everything was still turning and the darkness was slowly eating you up.

“Jungkook, I don’t feel so goo-”

The darkness engulfed you and you fainted. Jungkook was able to catch you before you fell to the ground. The maknae didn’t know what to do with your unresponsive body and a now crying baby, Joohyeon.

“Is mommy going to be okay?” A sniffling 4 year old filled with tears. He didn’t know what was happening but his mommy wasn’t moving… what would a child think about this situation? Any child would be scared.

“Yes, Joohyeon-ah.” Jungkook reassured you baby. “We’ll just bring your mommy to my house okay?”


“So that we can get her to rest.” He just replied. “I don’t have your address and I don’t know where else to bring her. Does you mommy talk about her friends Joohyeon-ah?”

“Mommy doesn’t have friends, she said.” The boy nonchalantly said. “It’s only Joohyeon and mommy.”

Jungkook realized that you never mentioned anyone else, not even Namjoon. He was slightly reluctant to bring you back to the dorms, but he wanted to make things right. For him, for you, for Joohyeon, for his hyung, and everyone that misses and loves you. 

With this situation, he believed that he was the most affected. He blamed himself, and has been doing everything he could to bring you and him back together.

The night came quickly and honestly, all you needed was a good sleep. You stood from the bed that you were currently laying on and yawned to check the time. That’s when you realized this wasn’t your bed, this wasn’t your house, and you didn’t know where you were.

A figure was sitting at the end of the bed. He scared the crap out of you, but you were mad to see him, you were still mad.

“Where am I? Why am I here?”