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BTS Reacts to Their GF Being Shy at A Party

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Rap Monster:

He saw you shift around in your seat as more and more people piled into the venue. 

He grabbed your hand and held it under the table, 
“You’re okay, babygirl. Just breathe.”

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Hr watched you play with the hem of your dress as hey talked with other people. 

Excusing himself, he came over and sat next to you, “Do you want to leave?”

“No I’m fine.” You stuttered out.

He shook his head and grabbed your hand, walking out of the party.

“You don’t deserve to be uncomfortable, jagiya.”

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You twirled your fork in the noodles over and over again.

“I’m sure it’s cool enough to eat now jagiya.” Jin said looking over at you.

“Mhm.” You replied without thinking. 

He knew something was wrong, he gave you a side hug and said “Don’t be shy, no one here is going to bite you… except for me.”

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That look tho… wtf kookie

Your red fingernail polish flaked over your dress. 

He knew you only picked at your nail polish when you were nervous  or were having anxiety problems.

He grabbed your hand that was picking the polish and kissed it,

“You’re ruining your pretty nails, jagiya. Just squeeze my hand when you feel uneasy.”

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Your leg bounced up and down at an un-human speed.

 Tae watched as your leg jerked up and down quickly, he placed his hand over your knee and gave it a soft squeeze.

 When you looked over at him he gave you a small smile, “I’m right here babygirl.”

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He heard you pop all your knuckles and after 5 minutes, he heard you try again.

Unfortunately it was just an attempt because no pops came from your knuckles, J looked at you and whispered “If you keep popping them you’ll break them.”

You laughed awkwardly and then looked away.

“You can pop mine, babe.” He offered as your head snapped at towards him, 

“I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable, jagi.”

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Jimin took you by the hand and led you to the dance floor, wrapping his arms around your waist and yours around his neck. 

He whispered in your ear as he swayed you both back and forth, 
“Focus on me jagiya, only on me.”


He warms my heart 💞

Jin woke up before you and he couldn’t make himself wake you up because you were sleeping so peacefully so he decided to let you sleep a little longer while he was making breakfast. :3

Happy birthday @mochikotae! I love you Kiwi. ♡



╰ In this case, you’re both idols! 💝

I hope you guys enjoy the texts, a BTS dating a genderfluid person texts will be out soon! Requests are always open! Thank you!

Namjoon as a Boyfriend

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forever and always my favorite gif of him

Request:  Hello there ! So, I just read your Jin as Your BF, and OMG, I just melted. It was soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!! Therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to make a Namjoon one, maybe ? Lots of love ( & awesome blog by the way ) ^-^ ♥

A/N: Sincerest of apologies for the lack of motivation I’ve had for the last week or so, life is hard man. But here it is! Hope you enjoy~

  • Dorky af
  • Not gonna lie, you bring out his inner dork
  • He’s just so comfortable around you
  • Pillow talk to the max
  • Deep conversations about nothing at 3am
  • Most of the time they’re about life, the future, etc
  • But sometimes, when he’s had a long day, he’ll say something like
  • “But y/n, do you think that sloths have conversations with aliens?”
  • “Namjoon, it’s late, go to bed.”
  • “But think about i-”
  • “leT ME SLEEP”
  • He tries to cook for you
  • That most likely ends one of two ways
  • 1, he got a recipe from Jin and it actually turns out pretty good
  • Or 2, forgetting about the meat on the stove and nearly burning down the dorms (more likely)
  • Having to drag him out of the studio at late hours because he won’t sleep
  • Comforting him when he’s frustrated about not finishing a rap/song
  • Getting songs written about you
  • All the damn time
  • You’re his muse
  • Speaking of which
  • He probably calls you to the studio at crazy hours
  • “Namjoon, it’s nearly midnight.”
  • “I know I know but, can’t you just bring a pillow and sleep here?”
  • “Why?”
  • “I just need you here, it’s lonely, please?” 
  • “Fine fine, give me 10 minutes.”
  • The truth is he just wants to look at your cute face while you sleep because it inspires him
  • Okay
  • We all saw this coming
  • Bedroom time *wiggles eyebrows*
  • He’s really dom
  • Like he will fucking take you down
  • And you better be ready when he gets home from a stressful day of work
  • Oh gawd
  • So many kinks
  • i need to stop
  • Cute little dates
  • Like probably nothing huge
  • But he makes everything super special
  • Like going to sit on a grassy hill at an empty park under the stars and eating a picnic
  • Cute things like that
  • “Hey babe…”
  • “Yes y/n?”
  • “Where are my sunglasses?”
  • “Why would I know where they are?”
  • “You broke them, didn’t you.”
  • “I swear I’ll buy you a new pair.”
  • ^ that happens a lot
  • But it’s okay
  • You just steal all of his clothes in return
  • Cuddles
  • Lots of cuddles
  • He’s pretty shy about pda at first
  • But if you’re around close friends
  • With the other members
  • or he’s jealous
  • He definitely puts his arm around your shoulder/waist
  • Owning about 10 pairs of high-top converse
  • Wearing them everyday
  • “But we’re going to a company dinner!”
  • “Your point?”
  • Teasing you in public
  • Like you’ll be at lunch with the rest of bts
  • And he just casually runs his hand up and down your thigh
  • The whole damn time
  • And he’s got this plain expression on his face while he has a conversation with Tae
  • But your face is flat out tomato red
  • Okay I really need to stop, this is ruining my bias list
  • In summary, he would be the best, most adorable boyfriend ever

-Admin Yeonie

college bf jin

hey y’all, so we’re starting this bts college boyfriend series, here’s 1/7 our queen, kim seokjin (aka seokdaddy), enjOY!!!

  • you’d be dating jin (duh)
  • and you both lived a few hours away from your hometowns
  • probably met at an extracurricular club at school
  • you were always dying for tuesday nights to come around bc that meant you’d see jin
  • and one night after your club met, he’d ask if you wanted to grab dinner with him
  • you obvs wouldn’t turn that offer down
  • like hello seokjin asking u out hell ya
  • after dinner he’d be like wow ur rlly cool we need to hang out again
  • and so you’d exchange numbers and he’d walk you to ur dorm
  • so y'all chill again next week
  • and the week after
  • and the week after
  • until you guys are hanging out everyday of every week
  • it’s not until 3 weeks before you guys head home for the holidays that he asks you to be his and ur just like ya bitch it’s about time!
  • you spend a lot of ur time in his dorm room
  • also becoming friends with his roommate hoseok
  • u and him are pretty tight too bc y'all are in the same program
  • anyway
  • so like the night before your big ass exam ur stressing the fuck out and jin knows ur dying in ur room bc it’s 9pm and u haven’t responded to his texts/calls all day 
  • probably haven’t eaten yet either 
  • so he makes the initiative to go to room and get you outta there regardless of ur exam
  • he takes you to his room and locks the door behind u so fast ur a little worried lowkey
  • “hoseok’s not here dw"
  • ur like “ok…"
  • he hands you a paper bag that’s like rlly heavy and u take out what’s in it
  • surprise ur absolute fav food
  • “pls eat, babe, you’ve been working ur pretty little ass off all day”
  • u just smile bc wow jin is literally tOO sweet for u
  • after u eat, he turns the lights off and turns the lamp on and throws ur garbage out for u
  • “lie down”
  • “jin I still have to finish studying”
  • “were you gonna study all night?”
  • “yes”
  • “then take a nap”
  • he proceeds to remove the comforter off the bed and gestures u to lie down
  • and ofc he lies down beside you
  • but wAIT, he gets up and ur looking at him like bitch wtf get back in bed with me it’s cold!!!!
  • but he gets up to open the curtains bc he knows how much u enjoy the scenery outside of his dorm room
  • (not urs tho bc u can only see campus buildings from ur window ew)
  • and you guys are both wearing ur university hoodies so y’all are toasty warm kinda
  • lying down in his bed, you have ur head in his chest and his chin is on top of ur head
  • he has his arms gently placed on your body
  • ur drained as fuck so as ur drifting off to sleep he whispers
  • “don’t worry i’ll wake u up in an hour”
  • and u can always rely on him
  • u felt him slightly move
  • probably bc he was setting an alarm on his phone
  • y'all fall asleep for a little while feeling cozy as fuck in the cold winter weather in his cute little dorm room
  • but u guys are woken up less than an hour later
  • (like literally 5 minutes before jin’s alarm goes off)
  • bc loud ass hoseok barges in with his bae 
  • and they’re laughing so loud as always
  • u feel jin’s head move and u hear him telling them to shut the fuck up
  • bc hello he cares so much about u
  • “shit”
  • “let’s go to my room hobi”
  • “ok”
  • they leave
  • jin’s alarm goes off literally 2 mins later
  • and ur like “20 more mins”
  • he’s like are u sure
  • ur like ya
  • anyway 20 mins later he walks u to ur dorm
  • and tells u to ring his phone down if u need absolutely anything and he leaves
  • but 6 hours later when it’s 7am, you’ve got an hour to get ready for ur 8am exam
  • someone comes in
  • and it’s not ur roommate bc that binch is whO knows where
  • it’s jin with a cup of tea/coffee/whatever caffeinated beverage u prefer
  • and a breakfast sandwich that he bought from the cafe that’s literally a 30 second walk from ur dorms
  • “good luck y/n you’ll kill it, i gotta go to class now but i love you a lot”
  • then he kisses u and leaves
yoongi as your boyfriend

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ok before we start can we take a moment to appreciate hOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS IM GONNA CRY

honestly if yoongi was your boyfriend:

➳ a lot of cuddling in bed

➳ maybe things can get sexual as you both are cuddling idk ;)

➳ a lot of ass grabbing when alone, a lil less in public but he still likes doing it

  ➳ a lot of ass spanking when you’ve been a naughty girl

➳i think he’d be a jealous type 

➳like if someone was checking u out he’d maybe give them a death glare as he grabs ur ass

➳ stares at you while thinking about how  beautiful you are when you’re reading or doing something busy

➳ i don’t think he’d mind if you hugged the other members unless strings gets too attached

➳ rough sex actually depends on what situation u guys were in

➳ like if he got v jealous then yall going str8 to the room

➳ or unless he’s just super horny

➳ i also think that you’d come home to find him on the couch jerking off about u and like his hair would b messy and his shirt would be unbuttoned but still super hot

➳ but when you get jealous he wouldn’t get mad or annoyed

➳ im p sure he’d be very sweet and tell you about how much he loves you

➳ Sometimes he’d come home v late all drunk and would say “it was namjoons fault”

➳there wouldn’t be a lot of i love yous but whenever he’d say it he means it 

➳in his free days you guys would lay on the couch watching netflix while cuddling and eating food but wouldn’t actually netflix and chill

➳whenever you’re laying on your stomach he’d go to u & slap ur ass then walk away

➳ omg whenever you guys would fight it would b SO INTENSE IM CRYING 

➳ when you leave him (not break up) he’d blame everything on him even though if it wasn’t his fault  

➳ then he’d go out and try to find u and won’t give up

➳once found he’d apologize sincerely and for all i know yall gonna end up cuddling in bed, unable to let go of each other 

➳maybe sex but if so then it’d be gentle 

➳ a lotta backhugs

➳ i feel like sometimes he’d complain about lil things but you can’t get over how cute he is so you don’t mind if he complains for 4 hours

➳ if you guys broke up we all know yall gonna end up together again 

➳the members wouldn’t try to bring up the subject cause they’re all scared of yoongi raging 

➳ but they’d take it easy on him

➳ lets say ure out with a friend thats a guy and yoongi catches u, he’d get v jealous

➳ he’d grab u recklessly & giving no damn about the guy u were just with

➳ and then he’d bring u to his house and kiss you and you wouldn’t even try 2 get away cause u miss him as much as he misses u 

➳ then maybe rough sex :)

OkayyyyYyy I’m sorry if this is short and not good i tried tt^tt! which member do you guys want me to do next? c:


  • tries his best
  • wants to impress u in new ways daily
  • cooks u ur favorite dishes
  • teaches u his secret recipes
  • takes turns feeding himself and then u
  • takes u out for dinner dates 
  • loves to watch u eat
  • wipes away the food from ur face 
  • hiccups when he gets giddy
  • does puzzles with u
  • frames pictures of dogs
  • calls u at least twice a day
  • will always show u funny/cute videos
  • needs u to accompany him 24/7
  • hates it when ur too harsh on urself
  • works hard
  • wants u to be satisfied
  • gets excited for u when something amazing happens
  • loves watching anime w u
  • recommends quality manga
  • hides his feelings*
  • *will eventually burst into a wave of emotions
  • longs for your comfort
  • lays in the middle of the floor; waiting for something to happen
  • traces the lines of ur hands
  • gives u a bountiful of kisses
  • frequently compliments u
  • slowly falls asleep mid conversation 
  • surprises u w unexpected hugs

The most wonderful playlist that both of you enjoy while prepping and cooking your dinner! Both of you are singing along and you see Seokjin tearing up; you ask what’s wrong and he shows you his minced onions in a shape of a heart and a pupper (then ur like jin p l e a s e and he starts giggling) **BONUS: after he shows you his creation, he drops everything and twirls u around in the kitchen like a ballroom princess (●´ω`●)

  1. What Is Love - Jaymes Young
  2. Dream A Little Dream of Me - The Mamas & Papas (Mama Cass)
  3. My Favorite Things - Sakamichi No Apollon Ver.
  4. It’s the Right Time - Daichi Miura (Parasyte ED)
  5. On My Way Home - Pentatonix



Suga (BTS)

Jimin (BTS)

Dokyeom/DK (SVT)

Wonwoo (SVT)

Vernon (SVT)

Hoshi (SVT)