Oh, the troll heroics. I swear, every single LFG troll heroic group I’ve ever been in has been a confusing ridiculous wipefest of people coming and going and no one ever finishing. I don’t think my hunter has actually fully finished any of them. 

Anyway, this screen shot is amusing. I was in Zul'gurub with my shadow priest and we were having a hell of a time with boss mechanics. I’m not perfect at them, by any means, but I run deadly boss mods and I use an assist focus macro and I’m ranged dps so I’m usually pretty good at switching targets fast to kill whatever priority item just popped up. It seems that some people just want to stay on the boss no matter what else is going on… like they think that they can kill it faster then the adds heal it or something… 

right, so the screenshot.

this was the last boss. everyone died. I solo’d the last bit. On my shadowpriest. Completely out of mana and using all my cooldowns, including Dispersion right in the middle of the fight. I was healing myself and popping in and out of shadowform and dotting him up and wanding in between. It was kind of epic and my whole group cheered because they thought for sure it was a wipe and really really did not want to run back and try AGAIN.

for those who have been following me awhile, you know I rarely brag (due to be highly anxious and insecure)- so let me have my moment of sunshine here okay?