jin you can't

Y E S 

And have you noticed that whenever the hyungs talk about stripping Jimin, they kind of just…look to Jungkook? It’s always Jungkook. The group seems to know exactly how to get a reaction out of him - he’s that obvious, and even Jimin (or especially Jimin) seems to find it amusing. He was laughing pretty hard at Jungkook’s dismayㅋ

It’s not like they haven’t talked about something like this either. Jimin joked about it before and Jungkook kind of went with it? And just before this particular scene, Jungkook was like “let’s see Hobi-hyung’s abs!” But somehow it’s different when another hyung brings it up??

…I guess Jimin’s naked body is for Kook’s eyes only.


As @yuunabai-whisper2 and I determined, when it comes to cowboys like McCree and Erron Black, archers like Hanzo and Kung Jin are indeed straight as arrows … as in very helluva bent arrows.