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Hi. I hate seeing anyone cry (especially Hobi because it’s heartbreaking), but I think it is important as fans that we remember these people we see as perfection are in fact just actual, regular humans like me and you (just with a lot more social cred and talent).
They aren’t always happy.
They aren’t always sexy.
They aren’t always thug.
And they don’t always wear their true emotions. In fact, most of them wear a facade.
We, as fans, need to remember that no person is perfect, no matter how close you can get, and that these idols are allowed to have human emotions like the rest of us. They are allowed to feel anger, pain, loss, depression and anxiety.
They are allowed to be vulnerable too.
Because if you don’t love them when they show you their true colors, you just love the facade, not the person behind it.


Dear idols,
Please show us your true emotions so that we may empathise with you and love you on a whole new level.
You don’t have to be strong and perfect all the time.

- Your Loving Fans.

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How about instead of whitewashing idols we

1. ) don’t


kim seokjin | dating jin would be piggy back rides on his broad shoulders and intense mario cart competitions and walks in the park with his dog jjangu and cooking together with his arms wrapped around your waist and his lips pressed against the curve of your neck

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What she says: I’m Fine. 

What she means: When are idols like Taehyung from BTS or any idol going to stop apologizing for having tan skin or becoming too tan. They are beautiful  regardless of the color, and what made us fall in love with them was not the complexion of the skin, but their personality and values they’ve demonstrated. So why all the fuss? These micro-aggressions from fans sincerely need to stop because although some accept their skin, maintaining that confidence throughout their career is difficult, and sadly fans have enough power to destroy that by commenting on posts that our idols see with the complaint of  “you’re getting too dark” or “you looked better with lighter skin”.  Their skin color should not be pointed out as a flaw. They are humans too and are working their butts off going without several hours of sleep at night, rehearsing everyday, and being away from their families just to give US attention, while we return the favor by destroying their self esteem. Just stop. 

BTS as fuckboys
  • Looks like a sweetheart but is a fuckboy: J-hope, Suga
  • Looks like a fuckboy but is a sweetheart: Rap Monster, V
  • Looks like a fuckboy and is a fuckboy: Jimin, Jungkook
  • Looks like a sweetheart and is a sweetheart: Jin

Good morning with Jin

Come feel my heart,
It’s beating like a drum,
And I confess, when you’re around,
It’s like an army’s marching
Through my chest.
And there’s nothing I can do,
I just gravitate towards you. 

© The Cab – La La

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