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kittywitty2004  asked:

Oh shit it's the apocalypse!! (Lookism style because idgaf) Who's the power couple? Who dies first? Do they go in groups, and if they do, which ones? Who ignores the apocalypse and keeps doing their everyday thing? Who was already prepared for the apocalypse?

Ok so I hope you like it!! This was really fun to think about ~

Who would die first?

Ok well for starters Jin Ho Bin (sunglasses guy) would die first.“ Take off your sunglasses!!!” I mean he totally had it coming!!! he’d probably think the zombie was a drunken homie and get bitten smh.

Power couple?
JAE YEOL & HYUNG SEOK. Let’s be honest there’s no way in heck that jae would let hyung seok get killed. Jae would be prepared the boi is loaded (with love) and would have like a bunker with everything stocked with food.

Jae: now that the zombies are killing everyone. We have to repopulate the planet together.

Yeol: *takes off ear bud* hm? What were you saying?


All of the school sections would split up into groups architecture,music and fashion and the hair department except Duk Hwa he would kick it with vasco

Vasco probably knew this would happen one day (comic books) so he has an emergency supply of chocolate milk and snacks and knows a couple places to hide.him and his crew go out and kill zombies during the day and saving a couple of people. Fulfilling a childhood dream,and of course bum jae is there to make sure vasco doesn’t get himself killed.

Vasco: “vasco vampire hunter” how does that sound !?!? :D))))

Bum jae: 🤦🏻‍♂️"zOmBie hunter"

Vasco: that’s what I said

Bum jae: ….

The girls from the hair department become amazon women and protect the the cute boy with colorful hair his name escapes me.

“Você acha mesmo que vai conseguir alguma coisa assim? How cute… Mas tenta de novo, última chance. Quem sabe eu não te dou o que você quer dessa vez?”

O cenho de Jin se franzia conforme a garota era trazida de volta a realidade após seu longo momento de distração. Não fazia ideia do que a pessoa a sua frente falara, nem mesmo se havia se dirigido a ela de fato, por isso resolveu tirar a dúvida. — Vou ser bem sincera e dizer que não prestei atenção em nada do que falou… Tampouco sei se era comigo. — Bufou desviando o olhar por um segundo. — Vai repetir ou posso voltar para minha paz de espírito momentânea? E por paz eu quero dizer bebida alcoólica.

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aish , cmon ! i cant drink alcohol tonight the smile that draws across face is brought with laughter made from friendly affections of a clumsy idiot . “ my manager will murder me if i show up to the shoot with a hangover a huff , a cross of arms .

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@yoshimitsu-jin, you got: Fauna

She lived in the middle of a giant, green forest. Her house was covered from the top with leaves, and it legally didn’t exist. Yet somehow this guy found it. Fauna had been out on a date with her next victim, but when she came back, she noticed someone in her house. It wasn’t one of the few she allowed into it

“Who are you, what are you doing here, and how did you find this place?” She said, marching up to the intruder. Her eyes showed no sign of letting him walk.