jin song hee


Our Giraffe who always betrays his hyungs and noona whenever he gets the chance and ends up getting scolded because of it. Despite all your betraying, you will always be Running Man’s maknae and the annoying baby of this family.

01. Shirt torn

02. Panic

03. Didn’t know and continues ripping, then only realizes

04. Uncle gangster Ha Ha & Suk Jin

05. Kwang Soo to the rescue

06. Teased by PD and all 

What’s with the shirt quality? They usually have clothing that is durable even with all those pushing and pulling, but in this the shirt just *rrriiiippppssss* easily.

And damn….Kwang Soo’s muscular arm.


Song Ji Hyo wins the Best Actress Award of the 3rd DramaFever Awards!
(cr. ig@kittyny91)

It is a bit sorry that she can’t show up herself, must be occupied by the shooting schedule. Buuuut still congrats!!! ROAR!!!


WINNER - BABY BABY @ 160219 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook!