jin hua


ye hua: *doesn’t fall for whatever sujin is doing at all*


Zhou Mi Weibo and Twitter Update | 140821

周觅MI:Very honoured to accept good friends’, Miss A Jia and Yang Jin Hua, invitations to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge, hope more people can really understand ALS sufferers through this movement, really pay attention to ALS rare disease!! Here I am taggin He Jun Xiang, Chen Yi Ru and Tao to take part, hope the care can be continued (heart) (Thanks to videographer Miss A Jia) (T)


EXO - 140902 JiangsuTV’s weibo update: “#独家福利,无荔枝,不天团#周五exo登陆温碧泉•明星复合水精华《最强天团》,速来接驾!@M鹿M @努力努力再努力x 深度互动,@HZT-ao 动作帅的一脸血。但是灿烈XIUMIN的舞姿怎么回事?节目组到底是怎么折磨你们的?答应我,周五播的时候一定不要删减好吗答应我!ps大家没发现某两只的衣服款是一样的么?”

Translation: “#Exclusive benefits, no lychee, no Ultimate Group# On Friday, EXO landed at Wen Bi Qun. Ming Xing Fu He Shui Jin Hua The Ultimate Group, hurry and welcome them! Luhan and Lay’s deep interaction, Tao’s handsome moves making your face red. But, what are Chanyeol and Xiumin’s dance moves about? How are the show crew going to torture them? Promise me, when it airs on Friday, do not cut, ok promise me! PS. Has anyone found out that two members are wearing the same clothes?”

Credit: 江苏卫视广告营销部.