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yeul-he  asked:

umm, hi there, so I was writing this traditional Chinese styled Au when I came across this problem: How to we call 直领襦裙 in English? I mean, I know 襦裙 can be roughly translated as Ruqun, but how do you translate 直领? sorry for bothering! <3

Hi, thanks for the question!

直领 is pronounced ‘zhí lǐng’, and literally means ‘straight collar’ - “zhi” = “straight”, “ling” = “collar”. It refers to hanfu collars that are straight and parallel, as opposed to, say, crossed or u-shaped. It’s also referred to as ‘parallel collar’. You’d probably want to use the term ‘parallel collar’ because it’s more commonly used than ‘straight collar’. (FYI - ‘zhi ling’ is the same thing as ‘对襟/dui jin’, which is also translated as ‘parallel collar’ or ‘straight collar’).

Below: two types of ‘zhiling/duijin ruqun’ - one with a waist-high skirt (left), and one with a chest-high skirt (right).

Hope this helps!