BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions



  • The fashion icon
  • Clean producer,head to toe clean
  • Worldwide handsome
  • Has BBMAS at 7 and Homecoming at 8
  • I’m not Rap Monster, I’m RM
  • Take me home
  • Wizard of Oz and the silver boots
  • Overall:Cordinating outfits,first impression


  • No one appreciated me being an icon last year,I’m giving you fashion you can understand
  • I’m the producer
  • Black Butler is that you?
  • Has jogging at 7 and BBMAS at 8
  • Hawaiian white dad makes a strong comeback at those who didn’t appreciate his floral shirt the first time
  • This time it’s not that bad I guess
  • He is part of the Gucci Gang with that big ass Gucci belt. We get it, you got the dough
  • Overall: what’s cordination? We are here to receive an award and go home.