BTS in NYC (“Boyz with Fun” Ver.)


A Message to ARMY: 
“Always be healthy. Love us as much as we love you (We love you crazy).” - V 
“You’re inside my heart!!! Are we in ARMY’s hearts!!??” - J Hope 
“Just like the way ARMY trusts and supports us, know that we trust ARMY too.” - Jimin 
“Let’s last for a long time.” - Suga 
“We don’t expect too much from ARMY. Just want to be together.” - Jin 
“Let’s make each other happy.” - Rap Monster  
“Please keep looking upon us favorably.” - Jungkook x


02.08.2015 TRBinChile - Fanproject during I need you at Jimin’s high note: pink and white balloons.

Jimin was really surprised, he even stopped dancing. I created the project and my friends helped me really hard, so I’m stupidly proud of the chilean ARMYz. Thanks for such a beautiful concert, and sorry for the bad gifs <3