The A-Team. 1.18.14. At the Cambridge Elks. One of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t want to wait another ten years to see them again.

I’m almost a day late on this, but here’s a shot I took with my disposable of @banecentral last night at their record release for their newest(and last) LP “Don’t Wait Up” in Worcester. It was definitely the best Bane set I’ve seen in Worcester in years. I finally listened to “Don’t Wait Up” front to back on my drive home last night from the gig, it’s a phenomenal record and the perfect goodbye. I’ve loved this band since I first got into hardcore, and it’s sad thought to think that they’re not going to be a band after the next year or so.


I took some photos with a disposable camera over the past few weeks, from Montreal all the way to Haverhill last night. They are in absolutely no order either. Just want to say that I love my friends, and I’m lucky to have them in my life.


I really don’t know what they are going by name wise now, but here are some pics of a new band from Massachusetts that my friends Gil, Keith, and Miguel are doing along with two other good guys. The fast, and you’ll wanna mosh too. Keep your eyes peeled…members of a bunch of bands you probably already love, so you’ll love this band.

#fbf on the way to Syracuse last weekend with @janitorjake and @willhirstiv. One of like 6 pictures that survived from my disposable camera.