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I'll keep my eyes open for you. If I see anything suspicious, I'll be sure to let you know.

You are the best, thanks! You can be maybe my unofficial deputy.

Um, you can’t be my official deputy because I’m not allowed to have a deputy yet. I’ll get there soon, though! My ma always said hard work pays off!

But you let me know, and maybe you can join our forces, too!

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I've made some hot cakes tonight. Blueberry. They're still fresh. Why don't you come over here and get some.

Remus is intensely aroused.

Remus was having a nice naked day, but hotcakes with blueberry syrup are worth the inconvenience of clothing.

Remus will grab his pants and fork and be with you soon. Remus is so excited!

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MFK: Knox, Narcisse, Willie Thompson....take that! (also keep in mind who just sent this to you. bahahahaha!)

this is terrible

f: i hate willie but he’s cute enough, i guess. freshmen tho, ew.

m: knox i guess. god this is terrible. you’re terrible. you’re cute but you and j edgar prolly have a thing.

k: narcisse (esp bc of last week i mean wow gross man)

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You are my hero. Look I even use your picture as my avatar. This tends to keep the criminals at bay.

Oh wow, am I ever honored! I guess word’s getting around that I’m a pretty tough guy on the street. Well that’s good!

Umm, I’d shake your hand, but I don’t know how to do that over the internets? So I’ll just wish you good luck, and you keep those criminals off the streets!

(Except don’t do anything yourself. If you see any dangerous men or women, let the authorities know immediately. We don’t want you to sustain any mortal wounds, no sir!)