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Jim’s Steak House - Seattle, Washington

Telephone EM 2-2690
12322 Bothell Way Lake City, Seattle
Entertainment Nightly in “The Stirrup Room” with Jan White at the Organ. The Friendliest Place in Town famous for Western Style Charcoal Broiled Dinners. “Home of the Sizzling Rib”. Model at Organ Jan White Walt Scarff Photography & Publication Seattle San Francisco Hollywood.

Sponsored by Glover and (apparently?) Nintendo Sports, Rock Bottom was a WWF pay-per-view that aired ~2 weeks before Christmas in 1998- giving you plenty of time to ask your Mom to buy it for you, whenever you decide to finally take a break from attempting to chokeslam your little brother through the dinner table.

The above is actually from a mid-November episode of Raw, but the Nintendo Sports thing isn’t mentioned during the segment or during the PPV. I kinda can’t help but wonder if that was just supposed to be a regular N64 logo, and they accidentally used the Sports one instead.

Anyway, here’s the 20 second clip
 from that particular Raw, which also features what was likely the first and last time J.R. enthusiastically endorsed this particular title. Savor it?

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Imagine Jim and Bones refusing to leave bed on Valentine's Day, they've agreed not to do anything sappy and so Jim decides that the only way to spend the day is burrowed into each other tangled in their sheets. Bones always knew the kid was a genius.

((I don’t know if you intended this to be a prompt or not, but…))

After three years at the Academy, they know each other pretty well. Jim is flash and grandiose displays; Bones is courtliness and old-fashioned romance. For the first two years, Bones went to the local florist’s, bought three dozen pink roses, and stood at a random spot on campus handing them out individually to any cadets who looked lonely. Jim, on the other hand, went to local bars, hacked the DJ systems to play monster love ballads from the 1980s, and danced with every single female he could.

Usually Valentine’s Day ended with Bones rushing to the bar in response to an urgent comm to scrape Jim off the floor and repair the damage done by a jealous boyfriend’s knuckles.

But this year is different, for two reasons. First of all, it’s their first Valentine’s Day as them. They’ve been together for a little over a month–thirty-eight days, to be exact–and while in theory there’s no change from the friendship they’ve had from day one except for the sex, they are together together and that’s still new.

And second of all, it’s only been three days since the destruction of Vulcan, since Jim became the hero Bones always knew he would be. The Academy’s population has been cut by nearly a fourth. Despite the celebrations going on all over the city–all over the country–the cadets who’d been assigned to the Enterprise were all painfully aware that there were a lot of people who should be celebrating with them who never would again. There’s other fallout from that as well. The board still hasn’t officially ruled on Jim’s cheating the Kobayashi Maru. And now Bones is facing a board of inquiry for having brought Jim aboard the Enterprise.

“No bars, no parties,” Bones said to Jim, the night before. “I don’t feel like being around you and alcohol on a day like this.”

“No flowers, no steak dinners,” Jims said in reply. “Whatever you like to say with floriology and gastronomy, I’d rather hear it in English.”

They agreed. None of their usual sappiness. The question of what they would do went unanswered as they fell asleep the way they had ever since getting back on Earth that night–wrapped tightly in one another’s arms.

Bones’ eyes flutter open sleepily. He glances at the chronometer–10:13–and then bends over to nuzzle Jim awake. “Morning, darlin’,” he murmurs.

Jim hums contentedly. “Mmm…morning, Bones.” He opens his eyes and smiles, untangling a hand from the blankets to cup Bones’ cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Jim.” Bones turns his head to kiss Jim’s palm. “So I know we’re not doing any of the usual nonsense, but did you have plans for today?”

“Yeah, I did,” Jim answers, surprising Bones. But then he shifts himself so that he’s nestled against Bones, his golden head lying on Bones’ muscular chest, arms around his waist. “Stay right here with you. All day. We can do something…athletic…or maybe we’ll just stay like this. But I’m not getting out of this bed unless I have to today, and I want you here.”

Bones smiles fondly at Jim’s echo of his words before the Kobayashi Maru. “Well, I can’t just leave you here looking all pathetic,” he whispers in Jim’s ear, running a hand lightly down his lover’s spine. Jim shivers with delight and cups Bones’ head to pull him down for a deep, passionate kiss.

A whole day of this? Bones always knew the kid was a genius.

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I can't stop thinking of werewolf!Bones who is super protective of his squishy human bondmate Jim & who has a load of body hair that he loves to have petted & stratched by said squishy human bondmate & who always curls up next to him & begs for belly rubs when full moon comes bc he may be a werewolf but he is a total softie when he turns (& Jim gets him steak to feed him anyway). they're both really cute even though Bones growls at anyone who looks at Jim the wrong way bc Bones wants him safe

cries for ever and ever

Imagine Jim giggling when Leonard shoves his wet snout into Jim’s hair, snuffling and Jim just shoves his head away because his breath smells of the steak Jim had given him and Leonard just flops on the floor and grins up at Jim, tongue lolling out as Jim razzles his belly. Leonard then gives him a paw to the chest and knocks Jim flat on his back, before Leonard flops onto Jim, and stays there the entire night because Jim is so good at giving him scritches and they fall asleep like that.

Leonard is also the furriest man Jim has ever had the pleasure to meet; he’s not hideously so, but with a thick mat that covers his chest and legs and arms and he’s certainly broader because of his werewolf genes and so Jim loves to flop over Leonards chest, loves to feel the smattering of fur over his flexing muscles.