I’m SOOO proud of this lady. Her father’s store, Wax Trax, had such a huge impact on my life. She did as well. We’ve been friend since the late 80’s and I miss her terribly. I wish I could be home in Chicago this weekend to help her celebrate. This Sunday, if you’re near the Metro (my other home during the 90’s), swing by the Wax Trax pop-shop and grab the newest release. And give this lady a hug, from me. #waxtrax #chicago #suntimes #jimnash @j_nashcorn #records #vinyl #recordcrates

Could not be prouder of the vision my friend Matt Gieseke has for #47A. Bridging the partisan divide, exploring building partnerships between the private and public sector, having conversations, and giving ALL constituents of 47A a voice at the Capitol.

I had a very different interaction with (Waconia Mayor) Jim Nash. Upon being introduced to him, Mr. Nash got a disgusted/dismissive look on his face and said, “oh, you’re the one who’s been saying nice things about me on Facebook” and more or less turned his back to me and walked away.

That’s not how to build bipartisanship. That’s not how you’re going to get things done at the Capitol. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that’s everything that’s wrong with American politics today. That’s something my generation is fucking tired of.

It’s time to send someone to St. Paul who is going there to represent all of us, even those of us who have differing views on the issues.

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