September 30th

So today is my birthday.(and also the day James Dean died). And she surprised me with 2 collectible James Dean things….(AND YALL KNOW HOW BIG OF A FAN I AM)
She gave me…… A big original movie card thing from Warner brothers’ 1957 ‘The James Dean Story’ and AN ORIGINAL GIANT FREAKING POSTER OF THE MOVIE GIANT WITH JETT RINK OMG I CAN’T EVEN. IT LOOKS SO OLD AND VINTAGE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. IT’S FREAKIN HUGE AND JUST BEAUTIFUL JETT RINK OMG GUYS(I can’t take pics yet cause we have to send the Giant poster to these people in California that press it and get the fold creases out and frame it). But guys… an original MOVIE POSTER of Giant… How lucky am I!!!
But I just wanted to share my excitement with my favorite JD fans and my followers that appreciate my excitement :) more than my siblings that are just like “Cool!…”
Happy birthday to me!
And to remembering the incredible legend that passed away today in 1955♥