Polar Bear Club is currently in the studio recording their next album. You can expect the album to drop late this summer or early this fall.

Vocalist Jimmy Stadt commented on the lyricism for the upcoming record. “[There are songs about] drive and ambition, and what it does to yourself and what it does to your relationships,” he says. “There was a point where I started noticing that my relationship to the band was mirroring the ups and downs of my personal relationships as well. There’s a little bit of that exploration in [the album] too.”

  • Pawner
  • Polar Bear Club
  • Clash Battle Guilt Pride

My Favorite Songs Of 2011

#7- Polar Bear Club: Pawner

The first song off of their album Clash Battle Guilt Pride. I’m not entirely sure what I love so much about this song because it didn’t catch my ear the first couple of times I listened to it. I believe it is the way Jimmy Stadt builds the song up to the final minute. My favorite lyric in this song is “I’ve gotta take my grab at something great/Heavier than carrying my name.”