(to Dave) Should I tell the the story or not? You all heard the story. Do I tell it again? What do you say, Dave? Dave says tell it. Ronnie says tell it. Alright. Oh, man. So, when I first met Dave, he lived right behind these casinos on Koval Lane. And it’s a parking garage now, but it wasn’t the most desirable set of apartments. He was eating—  I’m gonna— I’m gonna tell a little bit more. He would eat things like white rice, and he would just pour ketchup on ‘em. And we would eat those nutty bars— you know, the boxes of nutty bars. And we’d put ‘em in the fridge. Do you remember this? It wasn’t that long ago. But neither of us had cellphones yet, they were just sorta starting to kick off. So, Dave had an answering machine. And I worked in Flamingo, at the Gold Coast. And I would leave these ideas on his answering machine and then we would kinda sort through them later and try to work them out. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. And I was really, really, really into glam-rock at the time, and I was really into records like Lou Reed’s Transformer and I was into Hunky Dory by David Bowie, obviously. And I was just trying my hardest one day at work to do my best Lou Reed. And I said to myself while I bring bags to people’s hotel rooms, and I would sing to myself, and I had this line and it said; ‘Help me out. Yeah, yeah. You know you gotta help me out. Yeah, yeah. Oh, don’t you put me on the back burner. You know you gotta help me out.’ And I would sing that into his machine. And then Ronnie got his hands on it. And Dave got his hands on it. And Mark got his hands on it. And it became something totally different, I guess something unique to us. And that is All These Things That I’ve Done.
—  Brandon Flowers introducing All These Things That I’ve Done on Jimmy Kimmel Live!