jimmy's dad

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  • Braids her hair
  • helps her with her homework
  • tells her how to fight off any bullies that come her way
  • comforts her over friendship troubles
  • swings her around in his arms
  • throws her up in the air
  • jokes around with her
  • tucks her in at night
  • sing a lullaby at request. 
  • Snuggles with her in the bed, on the couch, wherever
  • tells her she can be anything she wants to be
  • protects her at all costs when disaster strikes on the Enterprise
  • blows off Bones’s blabbering not to do this and that just like her dad
  • does the same with Spock
  • Plays with Chekov and Uhura
  • Uhura and Chekov also know how to braid hair
  • Uhura is pretty much mommy
  • Chekov and Bones are the best uncles in the world
  • She likes Scotty too
  • Turns out, Jaylah’s actually just fine with kids. 
  • Plays with Demora when she is around
  • Takes her on shore leave planets. 
  • Would show her the stars 
  • smiles when she tells him she wants to be a captain just like him
  • She gets to be about 10,11,12,13,14 when she is just a teenager pretty much. At least she acts like one by then
  • Still calls him Daddy at times. Otherwise, it’s Dad. 
  • He still calls her sweetheart, often
  • She goes shopping with friends, and sometimes Uhura
  • Does bunches of sleepovers
  • laughs at tons of random stuff with her squad
  • Still will be under a shoulder as they eat popcorn and watch tv on the sofa
  • Is still not listening to Uncle Bones and Uncle Spock’s warnings whether it’s a monotonous voice or southern cussing, cursing her endlessly. 
  • gets pretty nervous when it’s her first date at 15 years old
  • but then works up a simple “if you hurt my daughter I will kill you” look when the boy comes to pick her up. 
  • more nervous when she gets married
  • he’d be honest, it was quite a fright when she was first pregnant 
  • is there for the first baby.
  • goes into a mild grandpa mode when it’s a girl
  • eventually, years later, its a boy and it’s named after him
  • watches her with a big smile and claps and whistles and all in the crowd when she graduates Starfleet at 20. She does it in three years, just like Jim. 
  • Eventually, she becomes a great captain just like him
  • he gets a bit teary
  • His little girl is grown up. 
  • His little girl. 
  • She is the hugest wreck of all wrecks when Jim dies of old age. He was 90. 
  • But one day while looking through some stuff, she finds a hologram. 
  • She pulls it up and sees it’s some sort of thing about her dad. 
  • “Hey sweetheart! If you found this, I’ve probably…passed away. But with genius help from Scotty and Spock, they programmed this kinda like A.I thing that lets me talk to you like I was real.”
  • She cried. She cried of sadness and happiness.
  • He wasn’t really real, but it was the closest she could get. 

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