jimmy the greek's

In the Odyssey, you’ll see three journeys. 

One is that of Telemachus, the son, going in quest of his father

The second is that of the father, Odysseus, becoming reconciled and related to the female principle in the sense of male-female relationship, rather than the male mastery of the female that was at the center of the Iliad. 

And the third is of Penelope herself, whose journey is […] endurance.

Γιατί όπου ΜΗΤΣΟΣ μάλαμα κι ένα κομμάτι ασήμι! Γιατί όλες αγαπήσατε κάποτε έναν ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗ! Τον αγαπήσατε.. Τον μισήσατε.. Τον βρίσατε.. Τον ερωτευτήκατε.. Τη δαγκώσατε άσχημα ..ΑΛΛΑ ΧΑΛΑΛΙ ΤΟΥ!
—  ΜΗΤΣΟΣ! (Nezakos|Tumblr)

On the way back from Acadia, my wife and I stopped for lunch at Jimmy the Greek’s in South Portland, ME.  I’m a member of the Beer Club at the Old Orchard Beach location.  When I visit the SoPo location, I get a visitor’s beer mug to drink from.  I started with Pretty Things Meadowlark which is one of my favorite IPAs.  I went with the chicken Caesar salad for lunch which was delicious.  For my second beer, I finally tasted a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp brew.  This was the Yonder Bock maibock which was the collaboration with Cigar City.  It was malty and full-bodied.  There was a slight corn sweetness.  It was really good!  I’m excited to break open my Beer Camp 12 pack!