If Twin Peaks were a 1940s film noir, here’s my casting choices (I actually chose these very carefully based on personality and their experience with certain archetypes, not just based on looks/resemblance) I also only did the MAIN cast, specifically characters that people care the most about:


  • Jimmy Stewart as Special Agent Dale Cooper

  • Lana Turner as Laura Palmer

  • Dana Andrews as Sheriff Harry S. Truman

  • Jay Silverheels as Deputy Hawk

  • Lauren Bacall as Audrey Horne

  • Henry Fonda as Bobby Briggs 

  • Lizabeth Scott as Donna Hayward (there’s an inside joke behind this choice…)

  • James Mason as Leland Palmer

  • Walter Huston as Gordon Cole (this one was REALLY hard. Who is as eclectic as Lynch?!)

  • Lloyd Nolan as Albert Rosenfield

  • Veronica Lake as Shelly Johnson

  • James Garner as James Hurley

  • Margaret Hamilton as Margaret Lanterman (Log Lady)

  • John Carradine as BOB

1939: The Greatest Year in Movie History

It was time to do the scene, and Cary said, “George, why don’t we just go ahead? If you don’t like it, we’ll do it again.” So, without a rehearsal or anything, we started the scene. As I was talking, it hit me that I’d had too much to drink. So, as I explained things to Cary, I hiccuped. In answer to the hiccup, Cary said — out of the clear blue sky — “Excuse me.” Well, I sort of said, “Ummm?” It was very difficult for me to keep a straight face, because his ad-libbed response had been so beautifully done … Cary had an almost perfect humor.

- Jimmy Stewart