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All I want is a photo bomb from Evans, Pratt and Fallon. Is that too much to ask?😫❤️

So, I just found this while scrolling through my Pinterest feed and took a screenshot of it. My favorite characters from TWD are Morgan, Daryl, Carol, Jim, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, and Dale. Favorites from SPN are Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, and Crowley. Favorites from NBC Hannibal are Hannibal, Jimmy Price, and Brian Zeller. Favorite from Thor is Loki. Favorite from Iron Man is Tony Stark. Favorites from Star Trek Into Darkness are Khan and Spock. Favorites from Marvel Doctor Strange are Doctor Strange and Kaecilius. Favorites from The Hobbit/LoTR are Bilbo, Gandalf, Pippin, Smaug, and Thranduil. Favorites from GoT are Khaleesi and Jon Snow. That’s a lot of people … and I’m not entirely sure having them all in the same room together would be the wisest decision. Reblog with your favorite characters! ❤ credit for this post to jaclcfrost and peachdoxie.


RDJ: “BEEEENEEEEDIIICT!!!!!!” LMAO, just two Sherlock’s greeting each other

And here is Ben’s pre-premiere interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

Benedict Cumberbatch Doesn’t Like Watching Himself

Benedict Cumberbatch Got Lost in Kathmandu

Benedict Cumberbatch Got Coffee Dressed as Dr. Strange

I love how he just expected the workers to remember Sophie. 😂 Their relationship is so great!!!!

If you’re a shipper you know this face.
That’s your face when you realise that your OTP won’t be canon and will never be canon because of deaths, ridiculous ’ 20’s laws, different universes, or because the writer is Satan in disguise