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“i’m mute and you’re the lead singer of my favorite band who just pulled me on stage to sing with you”

 A dedication to @bottomnovak is in order for posting the au list that finally led to my Motivation™ returning from the war.

 Dean was looking forward to seeing Angel and he had been for months, Castiel and Jimmy Novak were possibly the hottest people he had ever seen. Now the day was here, and waiting for four hours suddenly didn’t seem so bad when he was front and centre on the barrier, directly in front of the pair of microphones that the two of them would be using when their set came along. The venue was packed, and Dean was pressed right up against the barrier by the time the twins walked onto the stage. 

Their set seemed to pass by in a blur until they were doing the encore, and as they always did for their encores they wanted to pick someone from the audience to help them sing their hit song. This was the moment that led Dean into the conundrum he was now in, when Castiel’s voice rang out, 

“Hmmm, maybe you there in the front? With the green eyes and freckles?”

Dean looked left, he looked right. Yep, that was definitely him the guy was talking about. Well, Shit.

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“Share your jacket, I forgot mine.” with waljom? <3

Jimmy started to shiver a bit- which was kinda odd, he’d literally been wearing his jacket five minutes ago. But, oddly, his jacket seemed to have vanished just as the fans kicked on and made his dorm unbearably cold. 

“Hey, where’s your jacket?”, Wallid questioned, looking around. “You look cold.”

He was sure he saw Jimmy kick something under the couch. “Well, you could share your jacket with me!”, he suggested. “See, I forgot mine!”

“You were wearing it a minute ago,” Wallid countered. “I’m sure it’s-”

“Forgot it!”, Jimmy repeated. “Come on, we can share!”

Wow, he was persistent. But, well, he had a blanket right there! He pulled it down and started to drape it over Jimmy before he pushed it away.

“Share your jacket!”, he huffed. “It’s more romantic that way!”

Oh, wait, it was flirting. Oops. He quickly took off his jacket and awkwardly tried to drape it over both of their shoulders. “Are you sure this is comfortable?”, he asked. “You can just wear it and I can get a blanket.”

After a moment, Jimmy pulled the jacket away from him and threw a blanket over him. “Yeah, that wasn’t as cute as it was in my head,” he muttered.

Wallid kissed his nose. “Well, at least you’re still adorable as all hell!”

Jimmy curled into his side, pulling the jacket around himself and humming. “Damn right I am.”

I Think I Know Jimmy Novak When I See Him

3k. Happy Birthday, Dean! Read it on ao3

It’s Dean’s 37th birthday, which means he can see 40 looming in the distance like a too-deep pothole that he just can’t swerve around. He’s been dreading 37 since January 24th of last year, but tonight he’s not worried about it. Tonight, Sammy’s taking him to see his favorite comedian, live and in person at the Improv just north of Kansas City. Tonight, he’s (hopefully) gonna meet Jimmy Novak.


Dean circles the block a few times looking for a free place to park, but eventually sighs and ponies up the 15 bucks to park in the Improv lot. “‘S’alright, Sammy,” he says. “Anything for Jimmy Novak.”

Sam snorts. “You’re gonna be absolutely insufferable when we meet him, aren’t you?”

“Shut up, bitch,” Dean grunts. Alright, so maybe Dean kind of has a thing for Jimmy Novak. But who wouldn’t? He’s the funniest up-and-coming comedian this side of Aziz Ansari—not to mention he’s hot as hell.

He’s straight, dude, Dean’s brain pipes up. Dean tells his brain to fuck off. Nothing can get him down tonight.

They brace themselves against the freezing cold wind and cross the street. The Improv is all dark colors and moody lighting, but it’s warm inside and buzzing with excitement. The lobby is plastered with 11x17 posters of Jimmy Novak’s face. Dean coughs and rips one down, rolling it up and sticking it in his coat pocket.

“Smooth,” Sam whispers.

Dean just smirks and flips him off.

The show doesn’t start for another 45 minutes and doors won’t open until 7:30, so they hit up the fully-stocked bar to the side of the lobby and Dean gets them an El Sol each.

Sam holds his up in a toast. “Happy birthday, man. Just three more years until you go grey and you’re blind as a bat, just like Dad.”

Dean clinks beers with his brother. “Juuust you wait, bitch. You think that hair’s gonna last forever? It skips a generation. I give you ‘til 35, tops. You’ll be bald as grandpa by 2018, mark my words.”

Sam laughs and they take identical sips. Maybe 37 ain’t so bad, Dean thinks.

The bar starts to overflow with people, so they take their beers and migrate back through the lobby toward a couple of life-size standing posters of Jimmy. Dean refrains from taking a selfie with one of them. Sam offers to take his picture anyway. Dean makes a grumpy face on purpose, but he still strokes Jimmy’s face with the back of his hand. Sam laughs out loud.

They find a merch table partially obscured by the giant posters, and Dean walks around to the front to take it all in. A whole plethora of Jimmy Novak merchandise sits before them—t-shirts, autographed head shots and tour posters, DVDs of his standup specials, even his comedic autobiography, Talking to Myself.

“Oh, I gotta get one of these,” Dean says. Everything is signed in silver sharpie. Dean swipes his thumb over Jimmy’s signature and Sam rolls his eyes.

A gruff voice cuts through the noise of the room behind them. “Sorry guys, I’m coming,” the man says.

Dean wheels around and sees a mess of dark hair, blue eyes, and a rumpled coat and tie headed there way. “Dude,” he hisses. “It’s him. It’s Jimmy-freakin’-Novak.”

Sam turns, too, and frowns. “Are you sure?” he asks under his breath.

“Am I sure?” Dean scoffs. “I think I know Jimmy Novak when I see him.”

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Two to One: A Chris Evans x Reader One-Shot

Summary: Chris and Scott return to Late Night to take on Jimmy again. Chris brings you along, and Jimmy has a trick up his sleeve with the game.

“Hey Chris, thanks for coming back on the show tonight.” Jimmy smiles.

“Oh yeah, Jimmy, no problem. I always love coming here. We always have a good time.” Chris grins, adjusting his suit jacket. “‘Specially when my brother and I beat you at games, but that’s nothing.” Scott snickers from his seat beside you on the couch in the green room. Chris smiles at the two of you.

Jimmy shrugs a bit, chuckling, “We’ll see what happens tonight. Team beer pong.”

Chris raises his eyebrows. Scott grins, “Who’s your partner?”

“Can’t tell that.” Jimmy shakes his head, “Secret weapon. We’ll just say that we’re going to crush the both of you.” The host hears his name in the hallway, and he sticks his head out of the green room. He peers back into the lot of you, “I’ll see you guys in a few.” The three of you nod your goodbyes as he leaves.

“You even good at beer pong, Scottie?”

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25 or 44 with (*cough*cryptidau*cough*) Brutaltown? :3c

25- “When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”

(Context: Luke’s this post, only Ian really knows him)

Everyone stared as Ian came into the club room wearing a big smile. Ian? Smiling? What, were there currently pigs flying over the frozen lakes of Hell? 

“What’s with the grinning, Moosey?”, Caddy questioned. 

Jeff paused for a moment to try and think of a reason before Ian spit it out. “Did you ace a test or something?”

“Nah,” Ian shrugged and sat down. “I just really love my boyfriend, that’s all.”

That just confused them even more. “Boyfriend?”, Jimmy repeated. “Since when?”

Ian seemed to not be entirely sure. “Uh… I dunno really, like, a few weeks ago?”

“So why didn’t you tell us?”, Wallid questioned. “We’re your friends, we should know!”

Great, the explaining part. This might be… difficult, to say the least. “Um… well…”

“If it’s Shane, I swear I’m gonna scream,” Caddy deadpanned.

“No, not Shane, but…” Ian took a deep breath. “Look, when you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!” 

Everyone just stared. “Do we… know the guy?”

How did he even explain that he was dating a guy who glowed and hid in shadows? “Sort of… well, he’s… shy, he’s always around me but he doesn’t like showing himself. Maybe he could introduce himself sometime but, he really doesn’t like new people.”

“Well, neither do I, but I at least can introduce myself to my boyfriend’s friends!”, Jimmy objected. “Come on, he can be an alien with three heads for all we care, just let us meet him!”

Faintly, he heard a panicked cry. He needed to do a bit of damage control. “Um… can I duck in here?” He slid in the storage closet and closed the door back.

A sudden burst of violet and orange; Luke emerged from his shadow glowing as bright as ever. “I… I can’t meet them all at once!”, he exclaimed. “I don’t think I could handle even just one other human!”

Ian put a hand on his shoulder. “Look, I get that. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“B-but I wanna be brave for you!”, Luke exclaimed. “I wanna be accepted by your friends!”

“Then, let’s work up to that,” he suggested, drawing him in for a hug. 

A flash of greens and pinks and a few colors he couldn’t quite put a name to. Luke was smiling, he didn’t have to see his face to know. “Alright! Get back to your friends, alright?”

Opening the door, Ian saw once again that everyone was staring. 

“What was with the rave in there?”, asked Jeff, trying to look in the closet.

He decided he’d be honest. “My boyfriend.”

“Alright, we believe you,” Wallid assured him. “You’re dating Mothman or whatever.”

“Yeah, basically.”

Thank You
Led Zeppelin
Thank You
If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you When mountains crumble to the sea There’ll still be you and me Kind woman, I give you my all Kind woman, nothing more

Little drops of rain, whisper of the pain Tears of loves lost in the days gone by My love is strong with you there is no wrong Together we shall go until we die Inspiration is what you are to me Inspiration, look to see

And so today, my world it smiles Your hand in mine we walk the miles Thanks to you it will be done For you to me are the only one Happiness, no longer sad Happiness, I’m glad

If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you When mountains crumble to the sea There’ll still be you and me, and me

Experience The Big Game through GIFs like NEVER before w/ Yahoo Sports, Tumblr & NEW AXE PEACE!

ATTN INTERNET: All weekend long we’re doing The Big Game like never before! yahoosports x Tumblr x axepeace have partnered with some of the most amazing creators on Tumblr to show you a side of football only seen in the GIFs of your dreams. Meet ‘em right here:

Catherine Frazier/animatedtext: I’ll be bringing love and humor to football by animating 3D text.  Always keeping this motto in mind: LET’S CUDDLE WHILE WE HUDDLE.

Jimmy and Mark/mrgif: “The New York-based artist collective/creative agency known as Mr. GIF is comprised of Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo. Since April 2011, the duo has been at the forefront of the resurgence of the GIF, or graphics interchange format. Their quirky, topical, and downright beautiful animations have helped the college friends land GIF gigs with Nike, MTV, Coke, Disney, Burberry, and Maison Martin Margiela. Their work is an eclectic and electric mix of hand-drawn art, hypnotizing photographs, ill 8-bit compositions and much more. Plus they are really cool bad ass dudes.” - Fernando Alfonso, III, Daily Dot

Matthias Brown/traceloops: I run TraceLoops, where I combine digital and analog methods to make animated GIFs that capture fleeting moments and cerebral movements. I’m going to be making GIFs that look to combine the subjective and objective experiences of the week.

Rob Goodswen/gocookyourself: We’re an online recipe book living on Tumblr. We make food you want to eat, and if you don’t like it … Go Cook Yourself

Alex Griendling/alexlikesdesign: I make pixel art that celebrates the building blocks of the screens we look at every day and the low-fidelity video game graphics of my youth. I’ll be making pixel animations that look at The Big Game through an 8-bit filter.

James Curran/slimjimstudios: I’m an animation director and illustrator based in London where I work on commercials, music videos, video games and more. When I’m not working on those, I’m usually working on personal projects including unofficial title sequences, exhibitions, short films and GIF animations for Tumblr.

Never Have I Ever

“Okay, okay,” Tommy laughed, holding up a hand to silence Felicity’s grumbling. Curling his tongue against his upper lip, he turned his eyes to the ceiling in dramatic contemplation, fingers fiddling with the neck of the vodka bottle on the floor between them. “Never have I ever…”

Felicity rolled her eyes, still not sure why she’d agreed to this stupid, juvenile game, and propped her elbow onto the couch cushions by her head, leaning her cheek into her hand and watching her best friend chew his lip in thought.

Suddenly, Tommy grinned wickedly, biting his lip in that annoyingly charming, mischievous way he had. “Never have I ever… faked an orgasm.”

“Oh, ugh!” Felicity tossed her head in irritation, slapping her palm against the couch seat and scowling. “Damn it, Tommy.”

She reached for the bottle and Tommy’s eyes widened, mouth pulling into a shocked oval. Felicity realized he hadn’t actually expected to get her with that one and grimaced, putting the bottle to her lips and swigging back a stinging swallow.

“Are you serious? Are you shitting me? Felicity Smoak, you did not.” Tommy snatched the vodka away from her hands–hardly a punishment–and leaned forward, demanding her attention. “Who the hell did you encourage such disgraceful laziness in? Oh my god, I can’t believe this shit.”

Wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist, Felicity made a face and considered refusing to answer. But it was Tommy–and if she didn’t tell him, he would neverStop. Asking.

Felicity sighed. “You remember Jimmy?”

“Jimmy,” Tommy repeated, eyes narrowing as he visibly searched his memory. “Skinny Jimmy? Worked in a basement on like, the next World of Warcraft or whatever?”

Felicity stared at him, surprised he’d actually remembered most of that correctly. “…Yeah. So, anyways, turns out Jimmy was under the impression that he was really, really good in bed. And like, normally? Not so bad, really.” She cringed at the memory. “But someone lied to that boy about how good he was going down on a girl, and I am really ashamed to say I upheld that particular delusion.”

Tommy stared at her, dumbfounded, his mouth open in a confused grin, brows wriggling in a constantly morphing expression, cycling through emotions before settling on furrowed-in-disbelief. “What? Holy shit, what? How do you–how do you think you’re good at that and then not know you’re terrible? Jesus Christ, Felicity, think of the poor girl who came–fucking hell, probably actually never came–after you! Why–how–like, how bad was he?”

Felicity tucked her chin, eyebrows rising to illustrate her seriousness. “Tommy, it was awful. Terrible, okay? I genuinely pity all the women before and after me in his bed, but oh my god, I just wanted it to be over. He was all–slobbery tongue and teeth. Like a dog at his dinner bowl.” She shuddered in recall. “The relationship did not last long after that. And I have never let a man try to go down on me again. I can’t endure a repeat of that trauma.”

Tommy sat up straight, blinking rapidly, genuinely perplexed. “You never–try to go down on you?” His face shifted slightly to one side, eyes fixed on hers. Slowly, he asked, “Felicity, have you ever had good oral?”

Her cheeks warmed, chin going high defensively. “Despite popular culture, Tommy, I’m not actually sure there is such a thing. I mean, for women.”

The vodka bottle landed on the floor with a solid thunk, Tommy’s hand slackening around the neck. He stared at her with wide eyes and dawning horror, even affront. “That is bullshit, Felicity, don’t you ever let dudes sell you that shit so they can get out of a little extra work in taking care of you like you deserve. Please, for the love of me, don’t let one bad experience make you give up on something that should be magical.”

She couldn’t help it, she laughed, burrowing into her oversized sweater and drawing a knee to her chest. “One bad experience I could maybe let go. But they say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.” Her head tilted on one side, eyes squinting at him behind her glasses. “Why do you sound so personally offended by this? You’re not the one who got left slobbery and uncomfortable and unsatisfied.”

“Hey, some of us take great pride in the work we do,” Tommy defended, waving a finger at her, “and enjoy that work quite a lot, actually, and I won’t have some insensitive amateur giving those of us who know what we’re goddamn doing a bad rap.”

Felicity blinked into the middle distance over his shoulder. “That might be more than I needed to know about you.”

Tommy snorted derisively right on her heels. “Please, you have seen me naked, you’ve nursed me through innumerable hangovers, you’ve babysat my drunk ass more times than I can remember sober, you’ve survived dinner with my asshole dad. But knowing I like going down on women is what’s gonna scar you?”

Felicity paused, then shrugged. “You have a point. But whatever. So what if I’ve never had good oral? There are plenty of other ways to have a good time in bed.” She offered Tommy a saccharine smirk and a flutter of her lashes. “Besides, not all men can be as generous and talented as you.”

He nodded gravely. “This is true, but it’s also a travesty. Like, I am genuinely morally affronted about this. My best friend? I tell you what, Felicity, if your next boyfriend or hookup or whoever doesn’t do the damn job right, I’ll show you what you’re missing. Then you can at least know enough to tell them what they’re doing wrong.”

Felicity stared at him, one eyebrow slowly climbing, then barked out a high-pitched laugh. “Riiiight.” Shaking her head, she decided it was time to abruptly close the topic and reached between them to lay her hand on the vodka bottle. “Anyways, I’m pretty sure it’s my turn.”

Tapping her middle finger against the glass, she took a moment to consider and drawled, “Never have I ever…” she grinned wickedly, “had to call my best friend to be emergency bailed out of almost-sex with someone I turned out to be related to.”

Groaning, Tommy swiped the vodka away from her. “Oh, fuck you, Smoak! I didn’t think I even had any cousins, the creepy part was that she knew!” Shaking his head, he glared at her over the mouth of the bottle. “Seriously, fuck you.”

Genuinely cackling, Felicity clapped her hands gleefully. “You keep offering and I’m going to take you up on that just to make you squirm, Merlyn,” she quipped. “Now drink.”

He obediently tipped back the bottle, and she was so busy laughing she missed the contemplative glance he threw her as he swallowed. “I repeat. Fuck. You.”

Felicity just laughed.

stbartsxfinest-archive  asked:

Molly turned over under the covers and shook him gently. "Jimmy." She whispered before repeating his name louder. "Baby, can you go out and maybe get something for me?"

Jim groaned as she spoke his name, tempted to turn over and pretend that he was still asleep before she began to speak once more. He groaned again at her request. “What could you possibly need at this hour?”

anonymous prompt: do you still take prompts? If the answer is yes, could you write me something cheesy? I always read fics where Jim is the experienced womanizer but what I really want to read is a McKirk fic where Jim is actually a bit shy and wants to wait with sex until he's married.

1) I always take prompts, but I am slow and the writer’s block thing visits me frequently these days, so be prepared for a potential wait.

2) Shy, virgin James T Kirk is my favourite thing ever.


If Bones didn’t know any better, he’d say he was currently standing naked and eager before a blushing, awkwardly shuffling James T Kirk as the kid crossed his arms self-consciously over his bare chest and looked away determinedly.

And damned if he apparently didn’t have a goddamn clue.

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Do you think Swift-gron was real?


on that note, I’d like to point out I’ve been watching Dianna’s interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel on repeat the past few days for a good laugh. can’t link you to it because mobile sucks buuuut it’s fucking hilarious. 

How does Taylor Swift work into this love triangle?

I don’t kn-

Are you dating her?

NOoooOOOOoo 😏

That would be great.

Wouldn’t that be juicy? 😏 HI TAYLOR! *blows kiss* 😘

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Mickey only said I love you once and it has more power than Jimmy's repeating it god know how many times.

Absolutely anon.

I really think it was done on purpose, to prove a point of what was love and what wasn’t.

The episode is called CRAZY LOVE, after all… and it includes not only Fiona and Jimmy, but Mickey and Ian as well. I think they were doing parallels about how different both cases were, all the episode…

Brighton and After: Hot Chocolate

Note: Reminder that these Brighton and After ficlets that take place after “Mr. Barrow and Mr. Kent” aren’t in chronological order (I only point it out because this one takes place after the Christmas fic but before some of the others). Also, you really don’t need to have read any of that to read this one-it’s just established relationship fic (and they live in Brighton and work at a nightclub).

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