I wanted to put all these drawings together because I think is more funny to see them together. If you select the images you’ll see they have the same size than the ones I posted separately. I wish it makes you laugh. Also a celebration of @hannibalcreative‘s ItsStillBeautiful 2017. 💕☕️🔪

I have one question for season 4 of Hannibal.

Is Chilton finally just gonna die?

I mean, jesus, he lost his kidney, got shot in the face and lost half his eye sight, then he got his lips bitten off and set on fire.

God damn, just end his suffering.

I just realized...

Who the fuck is the protagonist of Hannibal?

I mean every show must have some kind of protagonist, right? But in Hannibal every fucking one of them is out there doing the shadiest of shady things and literally killing people left and right.

One could say it’s will but even he doesn’t really fit into it. The show is basicly him learning to kill and falling in love a cannibalistic serial killer.

Is it Hannibal? Well maybe. Who knows anymore. That guy is certainly protecting something.

It’s not really Jack either. Or Alana. Or Doctor Chilton. They all used people in horrible ways and some of them even killed for their agenda.

Is it Beverly? Price & Zeller?? Buster????

Hockey Goalie Lingo

  • Blue paint = mine, don’t touch.
  • Net = mine, don’t touch.
  • Crease = I’ll hit you, don’t come in.
  • Water bottle = mine, don’t touch. Bottle police always on patrol.
  • Goalie interference = if you touch me, I’ll hit you. If you breathe on me, I’ll hit you. If you run into me, my team and I will hit you.
  • Mask = it comes off, no more play.
  • Hooked = team sucks but I get punished.
  • Groin injury = I’m too old for the splits.
  • Mask save = I can’t hear you, I’m seeing double, but yay no goal.
  • Pads = Shea Weber slapshot forcefield.
  • Blocker = Carey Price’s best friend
  • Glove = teammates tender head craddle.
  • Stick = I can hit you from 3 feet away, don’t mess with me.
  • Goalies are weird = I’m better than you, hotter than you, and I’m still your mom’s favorite.