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Mad Lib Theater with Chris Pratt


I found more background for Evan’s parkour skills.

Tumblr Mad Lib

Fill this out with your friends, and then perform your own version of the scene Jimmy did with Chris Pratt! Share your scripts using #MadLibTheater!

1. Type of Dessert
2. Silly Word
3. Another Word for Father
4. Year
5. Celebrity Name
6. Type of Plant
7. Adjective
8. Something You’d Name a Pet
9. Name of a Band
10. Plural Animal
11. Verb Ending in -Ing
12. Number
13. Measurement of Time
14. Body Part
15. Type of Beer
16. Type of Doctor
17. One Syllable Noise
18. Plural Noun
19. Mode of Transportation
20. Holiday

ELF: Hi Santa.
SANTA: Hello [Type of Dessert].
ELF: You’re looking at me like I’m on your naughty list.
SANTA: I was counting my toys and was one [Silly Word] short. I believe you stole it.
ELF: But [Another Word for Father]!
SANTA: I started making that toy in [Year]. What will little [Celebrity Name] think when he/she wakes up on Christmas morning with nothing under the [Type of Plant]?
ELF: I would never steal such a [Adjective] toy.
SANTA: Where were you the night before Christmas?
ELF: I was with [Something You’d Name a Pet]. We were listening to [Name of a Band]’s holiday album and making snow [Plural Animal].
SANTA: Then why did Rudolph see you [Verb Ending in -Ing] on the roof [Number] [Measurement of Time] before the toy went missing?
ELF: That’s a coincidence.
SANTA: The reason I work so hard, is because I get to spread joy to millions of people, and go sit by the fire shaking my [Body Part] while eating cookies and drinking [Type of Beer].
ELF: Fine, I stole the toy. But I only did it because I wanted to impress my [Type of Doctor].
SANTA: [One Syllable Noise, One Syllable Noise, One Syllable Noise] Every time there’s a holiday miracle, I sing my favorite Christmas song, Jingle [Plural Noun].
Jingle [Plural Noun], Jingle [Plural Noun],
Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open [Mode of Transportation].
ELF Merry [Holiday] Santa!

And scene!


God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.

Jurassic Park, 1993