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Superstar ~ Part 1 ~ Chapter 9

Jenn’s Notes:  Dear Readers - Sorry again for the long absence.  Divorce is no fun - as a friend says, he doesn’t wish it on his worst enemy.  That about sums things up.  But, I’m moving along - in the right direction.  I can’t promise when I’ll post again, and I’ll try to read mail - I really do appreciate you guys still hanging on and asking for updates.  It’s nice to be wanted at this time!  Again,   Love to you, my readers!  You have no idea what being on here - writing, posting, corresponding - has meant to me!  XOXO

September 3, 1974

Journal Entry:   Friday, August 30, 1974

Jimmy will be town on Tuesday and I’ve driven myself crazy waiting…no wanting.  It’s want…need…something dark this time.  I can barely eat and sleep, knowing, thinking, about how he’ll be in my bed in a few days.  What have I let happen here?  And then I come home to this box.  Delilah, bless her, sent her oldest over with it.  That boy is so shy, if he only knew what he held in his hands.  Thank God it was unmarked, in plain brown mailing paper.  Inside was a box from Fredericks of Hollywood, and a note…with some very specific instructions I am expected to follow.  I think he must be driving himself crazy too.

Lynn was on the subway, feeling flushed and uncomfortable in her seat.  She had filled in for another nurse, at another clinic in midtown, on the holiday.  This got her square for her needed days off.  Jimmy was due in an hour, coming in from Houston, she thought his telegram said.  He had sent two.  She was so dizzy with anticipation, and the state she had worked herself  into, wasn’t helping her memory.  He was traveling with Bad Company.  Apparently, he’d concoct some story of why he couldn’t stay with them and participate in whatever debauchery they were cooking up on tour.

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If I ever really felt depressed, I would just start putting on all my old records that I played as a kid, because the whole thing that really lifted me then still lifted me during those other times. It was good medicine for me, and it still does that for me when I put something on. Isn’t it wonderful that we’ve got all that good medicine? I think it’s got to be all part of our DNA, this mass communication through music. That’s what it is. It’s got to be, hasn’t it? Music is the one thing that has been consistently there for me. It hasn’t let me down.