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so this is extremely embarrassing and i feel stupid lmao. i literally AM a bisexual and like... i completely forgot bisexuality exists re: shipping kara??? b/c like i definitely shipped her with jimmy O but then supercorp took over my life and i was like "just let them be lesbians" but actually it makes so much more sense w/ bi kara & like power lesbian lena tbh. (where's that skype emoji that hits its head on a brick wall when u need it??? callout for my dumb ass)

Hey we all make a mistakes.

I remember when Ruby first came out as Sapphic on Ouat and I was like fuck I can’t ship Frankenwolf now. Then someones like “Nor You are Bi you should know she could still hook up with Dr. Whale and Dorothy.” And I am like wow….that was stupid. I was just pointing out it is one of my biggest fandom pet peeves, to make characters canonically attracted to the opposite gender and then make them homosexual when it’s obviouslly possible for them for them to like THE SAME GENDER AS WELL. It’s like you are a gay man and you see me ship canonicaly gay Alec Lightwood with Clary and say hes bi, or put cannonically Lesibian Lexa with King Roan and she’s bi . [Honestly I classify everyone as Bi until told otherwise that way the character still has a chance to be queer] But anyway…

Honestly I dont care if Jimmy, Winn, Kara, and Lena are in this Polynormal relationship where Jimmy and Lena have Kara three Days a week and Every Other Friday. Like I am glad we have Sanvers and sapphic rep, but sapphic rep is, the woman’s a lesibian, that is it. And I think it’s hella important for a central character not only to be Queer, but to show that they can love men, but still be queer [ which is why I am gunning for Bi!Kara as a Bi Woman, but honestly

Now I am not saying have every girl be a NOT be a Lesbian. Just like its impossible to to have No Straight Women, It’s impossible to be no Lesbians in the world. However if every other Queer ship had a Bisexual in it, then it would be more realistic. As much I am not a C/lexa fan [I perferred Clarke’s Bi plot went with someone from the ark and not a stranger] I am so glad the show exclusively adressed Clarke is not a Lesbian, Crazy Ex Girlfriend also adrdressed this well by making one of it’s main’s Darryl a Bisexual man who was recently divorced and has a daughter. Hell, do you know how happy I am LoT is not afraid to point out Sara Lance is Bisexual. Then to go out of CW, you know how happy I was Annalise Keating in HTGAWM is freaking Bi?! It normalizes it for women and men who say “HEY” THEY LIKE TWO OR MORE GENDERS! I LIKE TWO OR MORE GENDERS TOO!

Anyway didn’t mean to make this a whole thing, but I am reassuring you its okay to make the “You Must Be A Lesibian to be Sapphic” mistake cause I have made it too, Bisexuality is being normalized, but the fact you recognize it and saying AH! Kara can still be with Lena despite Cannocialy liking men is a big thing and not many are brave enough to do it X3.