jimmy king

I didn’t realise a one minute scene set in david’s shop could ever be defined as perfect but it really fucking was

  • robert interacting with other villagers. THE CONTEXT WOULDN’T EVEN MATTER LET THAT MAN HAVE FRIENDS, IT’S GLORIOUS
  • robert and vanessa’s blonde bisexual friendship is rising!!!!!!!
  • rob immediately trying to explain what lgbtqia means? two years ago rob could barely say the word gay and now he’s out there wanting to educate, god bless
  • jimmy king has tumblr
  • robert slapping jimmy for perving on hot lesbians. ICONIC
  • “you just need to get out, meet different people, make friends and experiment” he was shouting at jimmy to leave then came back purely to give advice to vanessa???!!
  • bisexual robert sugden openly and unashamedly giving advice and trying to help others come to terms with their own sexuality. BEAUTIFUL. INCREDIBLE. BREATHTAKING