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A Theory on Jennifer, Kristen, and Media Training

The recent Cosmo article has gotten me thinking about false looks.

First, lets just think about the common trends right now. 

-Being “weird” Exhibit A: I pretty much see this tshirt on every teenager

-Showing “girl power” by saying that you eat

-Being different and stating that you are

-Being loud and proud

Now just think a moment. Isn’t the “spokesperson” of these three trends none other than Jennfier Lawrence?

Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s cool and very talented but I do sense some BS from her. Times have changed. A celebrity media trained a few years ago is much different than one trained today in my eyes.

Old Media Training

-Never stutter


-Funny, but not too loud

-Always stated their love for the fans

-Never made a fuss about things on camera

-Did not argue contrevesial subjects


Because of these three characteristics, people think the Jennifer Lawrence is the least media trained celebrity out there. But once again, TIMES HAVE CHANGED

Being graceful and being a good public speaker aren’t as important now. Not as many girls are attracted to that. Instead, they are interested in the common trends. 

Current Media Training

-Being “weird”

-Showing “girl power” by saying that you eat

-Being different and stating that you are

-Being loud and proud

My theory is that media trainers have shifted their focus. They want to be more “trendy” and have their fellow celebrity flaunt the three things above. Because of this, I think that JL is media trained, and she is good at it. 

Now to Kristen.

Kristen is interesting. She doesn’t fall in the “old media training” category and doesn’t fall in the “current media training” category… Could it be??

Is it possible that Kristen is in fact NOT media trained?

Is it possible that she is fact REAL?

Is it possible that she is UNSCRIPTED?

I know, Jimmy. It’s hard to believe, but it is in fact true.


It is indeed true that Kristen Jaymes Stewart is human.

I am not saying that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t real or human, but what I’m trying to say is that she doesn’t publicize it, and that is pretty sad. I am pretty sure that the Jennifer Lawrence on late night TV is very different than the Jennifer Lawrence who is hanging out with her family. But again, this is just a theory. 

I understand why this can be hard to believe for some people. I know this is a theory and all, but I think the proof lies in our fellow celebrities. 

It is the celbrities who know about media training and how to be a good celebrity. Not us. Because they know all of this, it is safe to say that it is simple for them to tell a media trained celebrity from a non-media trained one. Now here is where this all relates back to JL and KS.

I looked up some quotes from celebrities about KS and then looked up ones about JL, and I see a huge difference. A large majority of JL’s praises include the words funny, talented, and strong. On the other hand, KS’s include real, cool, down to earth, talented, and just like one of the guys. I think what these singers/actors/actresses are trying to say is that KS is non-media trained and JL is. Another interesting thing I saw is that a lot of these quotes about JL came from costars or close friends. KS’s quotes mostly came from people she had met in passing or people she doesn’t know at all. My point is that celebrities knew that KS was real and down to earth from meeting her for 5 min or less. The people who talked to JL knew her for a long time and they had time to figure these things out about her. 

The bottom line is that I like JL, but as you can probably tell from my blog, I worship KS. All of that aside, I think that this post was not baised, and I am sorry if you think it was. Again, these are my thoughts and you are more than welcome to not agree with them.

To end this post, here is John Mayer’s reaction after watching a ~15 second interview of Kristen. P.S. at the time he had never met her.

Have a wonderful holiday.