jimmy jims

Your desk is sturdy, right? ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

Cullen needs at least 3 hours notice if you wanna have some love making time with him. I mean… he wears so many layers of clothes and armors. Probably took at least 10 minutes for him to take it all off. He is an onion, no doubt.

Slowly creeping into the rotten world. There goes my pure and innocent mind…


You walked into the cold office and looked at Jim as he held his head over his desk. He’d been obsessing over something for the past several days and you were starting to get scared.

“Jimmm, will you come to the kitchen? I made dinner..” You asked with a slight whine to your voice.

He looked up from his desk and narrowed his eyes at you. “Didn’t I tell you to stop coming in?”

You walked over to him and kissed the criminal’s forehead. “I’m just trying to cheer you up…” you mumbled as your slid your hands down his sides and began tickling him. “Tickle fight!”

The criminal began twisting and giggling as your tickled him. His giggling turned to swearing and his swearing turned to death threats.

You continued to tickle him until he stood and turned on you. He had a dark gleam in his eyes and suddenly you questioned whether you made the right choice. He began tickling you back and pushed you up against the wall, placing his hips between yours and tickling you until you begged for mercy.