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Pardon Me as I Vent

After I wrote what I thought to be a fairly thoughtful, well-thought out reply to someone shitting on a YouTuber and their family, basically saying “Hey, they’re a person, lay off,” the person told me outright that they wouldn’t reply because “I don’t care enough to reply to your several paragraphs about a fucking YouTuber.”

I have never seen anything so dismissive.

I have never seen anything so disdainful.

I have never seen anything so condescending.

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craig headcanons!

i love making hcs if you couldnt tell

-braces craig is canon in my heart. when he gets the colors changed, he almost always gets blue but one time clyde convinced him to get halloween colors (in july)

-he loves wholesome bf memes and constantly sends them to tweek

-he falls asleep during literally any car ride. it might be a five minute trip but hes more than likely drifting off to sleep

-hes an accidental band kid. he forgot that tweek is a theater kid and joined band by accident but his other friends are there so he stays. he plays clarinet and squeaks constantly

-hes super competitive but only with certain people such as clyde and red

-hes kind of an asshole and can be really impulsive but whenever hes with tweek he feels more comfortable and relaxed !!

-when hes not with his full friend group or tweek, craig hangs out with clyde! he acts like he doesnt care about clydes stupid ideas but he actually loves hanging out with clyde and doing dumb stuff

-one time clyde and craig wore heelys to school together and token, tweek, and jimmy disowned them

-craig uses a baby voice when he talks to stripe and ruby has it on video and uses it as blackmail all the time

-ruby, craig, and red all try to embarrass the others the most. red is the queen at this challenge

-craig doesnt like coffee that much but he probably gets at least one coffee a day from tweek bros and puts a shit ton of creamer and sugar in it which disgusts tweek so much

-craig acts really cool but hes actually kinda insecure and dorky

-he probably likes steven universe tbh

-basically i love him

-ok i have so many more but this is it for now! pls send me any hcs you might have for anyone!

glubbity !!!!