“You really don’t have to wait for permission to practice your art…” …but read the directions!

Hiatus Contest: Tonight Show Expressions!

Hey pals! Another hiatus is upon us, so we’ve decided to run a fun contest to help pass the time. This contest is a play on a fun bit on The Tonight Show called Obama Expressions, except we’ll be using Jimmy, Higgins, The Roots, and any of the Tonight Show writers and bloggers as our inspiration!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find a photo of Jimmy, Higgins, The Roots, Writers, Bloggers, etc. from The Tonight Show making a unique expression
  • Write a funny caption that expresses what the subject of the photo is thinking and either edit it onto the photo yourself (preferred method), or if you don’t know how to do this then you may send your photo and caption separately
  • Send your submissions to us here, on Twitter (@FalpalsChoice) or to
  • Deadline: End-of-Day Saturday, June 4th
  • You may submit up to 5 entries total

We will pick our faves and put them up to a vote in two separate categories: Jimmy Expressions and Tonight Show Expressions (which includes The Roots, writers, bloggers and Higgins).

There will be ONE WINNER FOR EACH CATEGORY for a total of two winners. Winners may select a prize from our prize box. (Click HERE to see what prizes we have available)

We will ship prizes internationally, so everyone may participate in this contest!

Have fun pals!

PS: You may use any photo of Jimmy, Higgins, The Roots, etc. that you’d like but if you’re having trouble finding the perfect one, here are a bunch that we found. Feel free to use any of them!