jimmy edward


“Evan Peters



Quicksilver (Peter Maximoff)

Bad Day



Tate Langdon


Bullets Cause my Pain

Hurry Up


Kit Walker


Kyle Spencer

Study (Pre-Death)

I Said I Love You (Pre-Death)

Beauty  (Pre-Death)

Nothing I’d Rather do (Pre-Death)

Prove it (Post-Death)

Fate (Pre-Death)

Fate Part 2 (Pre-Death)


Together Again (Series)

I’ve Been Here

Get Away

One Shot

Jimmy Darling

Distraction Part 1

Distraction Part 2

I had to

James March 



I Told You

One Shot 1

What are you Doing Here

Edward Mott


Rory Monahan

Hiding Behind a Sofa

Left for Dead

Left for Dead Part 2


Kai Anderson


What they like talking to you about

Snow Days

When They Find Out Your’re A Ghost

Coming Out As Genderfluid 

Dealing With Your Death

How They Treat You On Your Period 

How They React To You Wearing Glasses

Reaction To S/O Having Social Anxiety

Asking To Put Makeup On Them

Reaction To A Clingy S/O

Reaction To Suicidal S/O

Reaction To S/O Skipping School 

Reaction To S/O Having A Panic Attack

Propose to You

Finding You Drunk

Reaction To S/O Living In A Verbally Abusive Home

Reaction To S/O Having A Stressful Day

Reaction To S/O Finding Themselves Unattractive

Reaction To S/O Getting A Cartilage Piercing

Reaction To S/O Being Pregnant From Past Relationship

S/O Loving Comic Books

Reaction To S/O Snapping At Them

Reaction to Best Friend Having a Crush on Them

Seeing S/O’s Self Harm Scars

S/O who is a Disheveled Artist


AHS Evans

S/O Asking For Affection

S/O Coming Home With Injuries From A Fight

S/O Being A Witch 

Teaching S/O How To Swim

S/O Being A Ballerina 

Meeting Your Parents 

S/O With Scoliosis 

Actress S/O

Clumsy S/O

Liking Someone but Already in a Relationship 

Bonding with S/O’s Children

S/O Being Selectively Mute

Being Protective Over you

Crush is Supportive of Them

Comforting Their Children After a Nightmare

Hearing S/O Sing in the Shower

Comforting Them after  a Tantrum 

Taking S/O to a Haunted House 

S/O Comforting Them

Reaction to S/O Being Unable to Have Children

Being With S/O the First Time They Get High 

Getting Jealous of Another man Talking to S/O

Turning on S/O

Possible Kinks


Taking out Sexual Frustration on Their own

Wedding day

Receiving a Blow job

Reaction to S/O Surprising Them with Lingerie 

 Reaction to S/O Getting Excited About Seeing a dog

Eating ass

Reaction to S/O Dancing 

Reaction to Being Tickled

Console S/O When They’re Crying 

Reaction to S/O Coming out as Bisexual 

S/O Babying Them

What Books They’d Read

S/O That Likes Cats

Trying to Hypnotize Them

Wanting Someone to Stay After a one Night Stand 

What They Would Whisper to S/O (Sexual)

Giving Oral 

Showering Together

Reaction to S/O not Wearing Underwear

What They Look for (Personality)

Reaction to Sneaky Neck Kisses

Comforting S/O who Lost a pet

Reaction to S/O Falling Asleep 

Tate Langdon 

How he Sounds in bed

What he Whispers in S/O’s ear (Sexually)

Eating a Girl out and Girl Riding him

Tate’s First Time

How he Feels About High Socks

S/O’s Birthday (Includes Quicksilver)

Kit Walker

Having sex

“Did he hurt you?”

Kyle Spencer

Reading To You (Post-death)

Girl Riding him (Pre and Post death)

Insecure S/O


James March

S/O Starts Murdering with him

S/O Dies Outside of the Hotel 

Girl Riding him

Girl Giving him a Blow job

Seeing S/O in Sexy Princess Costume 

Daughter Trying to go out in Sexy Costume

How he Feels About High Socks

Having S/O With Anxiety 

Finds S/O Killing Someone

Edward Mott 

Having Sex

Kai Anderson

Having sex

Quicksilver (Peter Maximoff)

Reaction To Having A Crush On A Shy Person

Reaction To Self Harm Scars

Reaction To Girl With Same Power and ADHD

Taking Your Virginity 

Outfits and Personalty Traits They Find Attractive

Quicksilver (Peter Maximoff)

Tate Langdon 

Kit Walker

Kyle Spencer

Jimmy Darling

James March

Edward Mott

Rory Monahan