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Headcannon on the reader comforting Evans characters on their insecurities?


- Would cry a lot

- Cuddle up against you as you told him how wrong he was

- You would make sure he felt safe

- Would spend the rest of the day comforting him and trying to make him feel more confident about himself


- You would start to comfort him and at first he would try to get you to stop

- He finally opens up to you about what makes him feel bad

- Keeps telling you that none of it is your fault because he doesn’t want to make you feel bad

- Eventually just lets go and cries in front of you


- Tells you what’s wrong as soon as you ask about it

- Try to comfort him by telling him he’s the best guy

- Opening up to you about his mother

- Spending the rest of the day talking about things and comforting each other


-  Jimmy would still feel uncomfortable about his hands around you

- You would tell him that the shape of his hands made no difference to you

- He would start to cry and tell you that you deserve so much better

- Making sure he knew he was the only person that you wanted to be with


- Something about his father would come up and you could tell he was uncomfortable about it

- Ask him about it to try to get it off of his chest

- Slowly opens up more and more about it

- You just listen to what he has to say because you can tell he needs to talk about it with someone


-   He would start to drift away from you and you could tell something was wrong

-  He’d get irritated when you first point out that something was wrong but would open up to you eventually

- You would hold his hand as he was telling you what had been bothering him lately

- He didn’t feel like he could give you the life you wanted because he always he paparazzi and fans around him


- He would be in a situation with a large crowd and just suddenly leave

- You would follow him and prepare to comfort him

- He would tell you why being around people bothers him so much

- You would end up going back to his house and spend the rest of the night enjoying each other company

kit walker, asylum (2012)


Evan Peters, best known for his many roles in “American Horror Story”

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