jimmy douglass

The Creation Of  Aaliyah’s “Try Again”

Jimmy Douglass, who has worked side by side with Timbaland on every production since the early days, says “Try Again” began as an inspirational song for teenagers. “Try Again” was originally written to inspire young people, but Barry [Hankerson] heard it and told them, ‘It’s got to be about love.’ The melody and hook were the same, so Static changed the lyrics and it became a love song.

A little know fact is that when Aaliyah heard the second version of “Try Again” she didn’t want to record it. Aaliyah wasn’t keen on recording the record, but she went and record it anyway. The rest is history.


Jimmy, Maria, and Mega Kid sneak into Princess Epona’s castle to try to liberate her from the fourth piece of the Legendary Triforce - the Bitch Force!

Watch your favorite game characters try to survive their toughest challenge… High School.

Jack Douglass as JIMMY – http://youtube.com/jacksfilms
Hannah Hart as MARIA – http://youtube.com/myharto
Jimmy Wong as MEGA KID – http://youtube.com/jimmy
Haley Mancini as EPONA