Coming Out As Genderfluid- Evan Preferences

Tate- Tate would find it too be pretty interesting. As we all know Tate doesn’t like normal average things and would love that you were being yourself. He’d always compliment you on your appearance, even if other people seem to dislike it. As far as your actual relationship went, I don’t think it would change anything Tate would still cuddle with you any moment he could and spend the rest of the day ranting to you about society.

Kit- Kit would think it is kind of odd (I’m taking the time period into consideration). He really wouldn’t know how to respond to it first. He would probably distance himself for a week or so and think things over. He would realize that no matter what you love him and you’re the person he wants to be with. Gender doesn’t matter as you love each other and he can keep you safe and protected.

Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would be pretty accepting of it. He loves you and that’s what matters. I think he would love seeing you in all types of clothing. He would always make sure he called you either hot or cute. Kyle would love to make you blush and he knew to do it all he had to do would be give you kisses and call your beautiful or handsome.

Post-death Kyle- At this point, Kyle wouldn’t care what gender you are as long as you were there for him. He would probably hug you and thank you for telling him how you truly feel. He would never want you to feel unwelcome or disliked by him.

Jimmy- It would surprise Jimmy a little bit (similar to Kit). With as many strange or different things he sees everyday it wouldn’t really bother him much. He just wanted you to be with him. He would treat you exactly the same, if not better for telling him how you truly feel. You’re one of the few people that he trusted completely and he was on of the few people you trusted completely.

James- James would find it to be completely unorthodox (also based some on time period). “Darling, we can get past this,” he would constantly tell you anytime you talked about it. You knew he still loved you and find you just as precious to him, he just isn’t a normal thing to him. He would always tell you that you are the most gorgeous creature to him and no matter how you felt gender wise you always would be.

Rory- “That’s cool,” would probably one of the few things Rory said about it. In this day and age things like this were becoming more common and Rory didn’t have problem with it. He would probably find it kind of cute and would want share some of his clothing with you.

Edward- Edward would find it slightly alarming, but it wouldn’t really bother him. He just wanted companionship from you. Your gender wanted matter much, but he would prefer it when you were more masculine.  

Dealing With Your Death- Evan Peters Preferences

Tate- Would cry as soon as he figured out what happened. He would blame himself for not being able to keep you safe like a boyfriend should. It would crush him when members of your family would come to take a few little objects to remember you by. Tate would probably hide some things to ensure that they weren’t taken. He would always wrap himself up on your blankets and smell your clothing until the scent was gone.

Kit- Kit would be completely devastated. He would try to act strong around the children and make sure they were doing okay with the news. Kit probably wouldn’t sleep in the bedroom you shared for at least a week because he couldn’t go to bed without you there. Kit would cry himself to sleep, but would put a brave face on to everyone else. He would always carry something small of yours in his pocket at all times. He wouldn’t carry your wedding ring on him because he didn’t want it to get lost, but he would have a special place at home for it.

Pre-death Kyle- The news would completely shock Kyle. You were both in college after all and things like that shouldn’t happen to someone so young. Kyle would spend a little less time with his frat brothers for a couple of weeks. He needed time to sort through what was going on. Everyone would try to cheer him up, but nothing could cheer you up like he did. He would go over to your house to grab some of his shirts you had been keeping. He’d have somewhat of a break down when he saw your room perfectly as you left it.

Post-death Kyle- Kyle would scream and cry as soon as he heard the news. You weren’t ever supposed to leave him. You were gone and he couldn’t do anything to bring you back. He would beg the witches to bring you back, but they would tell him it wasn’t their problem that you were gone. He would spend his time cuddled up where you would normally spend time together.

Jimmy- Jimmy couldn’t understand that he lost both his mother and his love. Jimmy would go on a drinking binge and everyone would try to bring him out of it. He just felt like it were his fault you were gone. If he were there he could have done something to help you. Instead of doing the show that night, he should have just stayed with you. Once the drinking was under a little control, he would spend his time looking at your belongings.Jimmy would always think about how understanding you were and how you were the only person that ever wrapped your hand in his.

James- The moment he finds out he would be more angered than saddened. If someone else had killed you, he wanted them here so he could do the same to them. After he got through that stage his actual grief would start to set in. He would be more distant from everyone than normal. James would make sure all of your jewelry was kept perfectly clean. He even wore one of your necklaces underneath his shirt. He would spend half of devil’s night with his guest and the rest doing his best searching for you.

Rory- Rory would be very startled by the news. He would drop the next show he was shooting to go be with your family. He would make sure they were doing okay and then go grieve alone. For the first couple of days he would probably be drunk at any given moment. He wouldn’t be able to believe that you were gone.

Edward- Edward would be terrified. You were one of the few people he spoke to or ever opened up to. He would have a painter to paint a portrait of you and many other paintings. You were his most precious piece of art and he always wanted you to be. If anyone ever messed with those paintings he would throw a much bigger tantrum than usual.

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