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Glenn and Maggie had finally decided to have a proper wedding ceremony within the walls of Alexandria.

Maggie was teary eyed once the day had arrived, wishing her family could of been here to see it.

Her dress was a vision of beauty, strapless, fitting her perfectly, diamantes scattered across the top half, the bottom half gently flowing down and pooling at her feet. The veil matched the dress, having small diamantes embedded to it.

It took her hours to pick and didn’t Daryl know it. He had been the only male volunteered to go on the run with the women from the group, knowing most of the time they would be too busy gushing over Maggie’s dress rather then looking out for danger.

“This gonna take long?” Daryl grimaced as they got to entrance of the wedding store, about 10 miles out from Alexandria.

“It will take as long as it takes,” Rosita snapped, “this is her big day, she will not be rushed into picking a dress she’s not happy with.”

“Yeah yeah,” Daryl grumbled following them into the store.

The store had been all but untouched, a few of the more valuable things missing, cash register emptied, but all dresses were still there, trimming the room with a million shades of white.

“Jesus,” Daryl muttered under his breath, “women are so picky.”

“A women’s wedding is the most important day of her life,” Carol spoke from behind him making him jump, “the dress has to be perfect.”

He let out a snort, “don’t make no god damn difference, never seen a marriage end happy.”

Carol narrowed her eyes at him as he collapsed on the couch, eyes towards the windows, keeping an eye out for trouble.

She went over and joined Maggie and the others admiring all the dresses for Maggie to try on.

She tried on a lot of dresses, going for mainly the most expensive ones knowing money was no object here.

Michonne and Sasha looked through tiaras and veils to match each one, Rosita picking out ridiculously high heels.

“Rose I can’t even walk in these,” Maggie exclaimed looking down at the extremely pretty but extremely thin heeled Louboutin‘s.

“You should get a pair of kick ass Jimmy Choo trainers,” Tara input, “not like they’re going to be able to see the shoes anyway.”

Maggie shook her head and laughed, “I have to have heels, high or not I will be wearing a pair of Louboutin’s on my wedding day.”

Tara shrugged, “suit yourself.”

Daryl sighed to himself understanding very little of what they said when they started talking designers.

Carol stayed a little quieter than everyone else, inputting her opinion when needed.

As Maggie went to try on the next dress Carol browsed through the dresses stopping when she got to a particular one, smiling a little.

Daryl glanced over at her catching her smile, “see something you like?” he asked raising a brow.

Carol’s smiled vanished and she turned back to him, “no, just this dress is almost exactly the same as the one I wore on my wedding day. The wedding isn’t such a happy memory, more a beginning of a nightmare, but my dress…it was perfect.”

Daryl saw her smile a little again as Michonne and Tara wondered over to her, overhearing the conversation.

“Carol you have to try that on,” Michonne said grinning at her.

“What?!” Carol squawked, “no way, Maggie’s the one getting married not me.”

At the mention of her name Maggie came out of the dressing room walking over to where they were stood, admiring the dress.

“No Carol you have to try that on, you’ll look gorgeous!” Maggie gushed.

“No, I wore something similar to this on my wedding day, I know what I looked like in it, trust me it was nothing special, I didn’t do it much justice,” Carol insisted.

“Carol,” Maggie said shoving the dress into her hands, “you are trying this dress on.”

She sighed a little before giving in, “fine, just quickly.”

Daryl tilted his head upwards a little trying to get a view of the dress through the sea of women now stood around her.

“No!” Rosita warned standing in his way, “no peeking.”

“Wha?” Daryl asked throwing a hand up in confusion, “she’s not marrying me.”

“I don’t care,” she answered, “it’s a surprise.”

Daryl shook his head in confusion before groaning, throwing his head back on the arm rest.

Rosita browsed the shoes briefly before grinning to herself, throwing her in a stupidly high pair of Gucci shoes.

“Rosita?!” Carol exclaimed from behind the curtain, “I’m not even going to be able to stand in them.”

“It’s just for a minute!” Rosita shouted back, “humor me.” 

“Fine,” Carol grumbled, muttering incoherently to herself.

After a few minutes Carol spoke again, ending all small talk conversations, “okay I’m done.”

Daryl swiveled his legs and sat up, facing the curtain. A few of the women noticed his movement and grinned to each other. 

Slowly the curtain opened and Carol stepped out, nervously brushing a hand through her hair.

Daryl sat, slightly gape mouth as a smile desperately tugged on the side of his mouth. He couldn’t resist it for long, a grin peeling across his face as he marveled at her, taking every inch in.

The dress was strapless, an incredibly elegant satin material. The bodice of the gown was a-line, diamantes clustered together at the top, creating a v-line running down her chest. The material of the dress was hitched in a gathering of diamantes at her hip as the rest fell graciously behind her in a small train of silk. The exceedingly tall heels made her look even more so elegant, despite the fact she couldn’t move. (Dress reference)

Daryl stood, his hand trembling a little as he raised it to his mouth for a brief moment.

The women around her enthused at how beautiful she looked, Tara turning back to see Daryl, his eyes constantly running over her.

She edged a little closer to him, “think you got a little drool just there,” she teased pointing to the edge of his mouth.

He nudged her with his shoulder, peeling his eyes away from Carol for just a moment.

When his eyes went back to her, her eyes met his. She smiled widely at him and he felt his stomach doing flips, almost like they really were getting married.

He grinned back at her, his eyes feeling like the were threatening to well up. He blinked hard and walked towards her, all eyes now on him, conversation lowering.

He leaned in close to her murmuring into her ear, “you lied.”

Carol’s eyes shot up to his, “what do you mean?”

“You said you didn’t do this dress much justice, that it was nothing special, you lied.”

Her face broke out into a smile as his eyes gazed over her again, “you look beautiful,” he whispered, his lips briefly brushing her cheek as he pulled away.

She felt a blush come to her cheeks as she looked down, he used one finger to tilt her chin back up to look at him, giving her a one sided smile.

The women around them were now silent, wide eyed, raising brows at each other, gaped mouthed.

Daryl was oblivious to all stares as he backed away, admiring the view.