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Jimmy Carr & his GLORY HOLES!!!

God, please kill me… lol

anonymous asked:

Can you please elaborate on your Laurent is the son of the president au? For science.

  • ok first of all i changed my mind and it’s actually auguste who is president, so laurent is the BROTHER of the president
  • laurent is the sort of public figure who is highkey very agressively private about his private life but lowkey is all eyes emoji when the new bodyguard walks in
  • laurent is the jaded asshole who would do something unreasonable or dangerous just for thrill it gives him to watch the horror on the faces of his entire staff
  • enter damen, all 6′4′’ of him, with his expensive suit and and his wide arms and his Impressive military history or whatever
  • laurent is like [jimmy carr laugh] im gonna fuck this guy up
  • laurent’s favorite thing to do is apparently leaking info to the press about his uncle’s life that slowly but surely is ruining his entire career
  • his second favorite thing to do is “accidentally” and loudly expressing an opinion that questions his brother’s political decisions (some of them, anyway. look, i don’t believe for a second auguste would make the perfect president and i don’t believe for a second laurent wouldn’t be the first one at his door to call him out on his shitty policies)
  • imagine laurent at some sort of rally wearing no disguise at all screaming at the top of his lungs WHY DON’T YOU LET WOMEN THINK FOR THEMSELVES YOU FUCKING WANKERS
  • damen is always there, by his side, wide-eyed and thinking what the fuck have i gotten myself into????
  • but you know how it is, damen grows to admire the fierceness and the passion in laurent and becomes Super Overprotective over him
  • one of those days laurent does something Extremely Irresponsible and sneaks out or something and gets beaten up really badly
  • and damen is so pissed off, he’s in laurent’s hotel room and he’s yelling HOW COULD YOU HAVE DONE THIS I WAS SO FUCKING WORRIED ABOUT YOU MY JOB IS ON THE LINE YOU CAN’T JUST SNEAK OUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
  • and laurent is like huh worried about me first and then worried about your job??? hhmmm interesting
  • and damen lets out an exasperated sigh and says you’re a fucking prick but it sounds like i love you