jimmy c

CRAIG: I want to come out of the park right now and say that whoever turned off the lights is an asshole.

CRAIG: If anybody can hear me, I just want you to know that I’m too short to reach any of the light switches in this house, so I hope you feel really good about yourself.

CRAIG: Tweek?

CRAIG: Token?


CRAIG: …Mr. Tweak?

CRAIG: Token are you flayed across the table like Clyde said?


CRAIG: Thought so.

CRAIG: This is stupid, I can’t see anything.



MR. TWEAK: Haha, did we scare you?

TOKEN: I hope you appreciate the effort that went into this, dude!

CLYDE: Yeah, we planned it from the start!

CLYDE: You making me stand on top of a door frame wasn’t really part of the plan, but.

CLYDE: You know.

CLYDE: You being an asshole was expected.

MRS. TWEEK: The hardest part was getting little Timmy’s wheelchair down fast enough! Oh, you’re such a quick little boy, Craig!

TIMMY: Timmy!

CRAIG: I’m really scared.

CRAIG: But also, if everybody’s in on this, where’s Tweek?

CLYDE: Wasn’t he with us a few minutes ago?

TOKEN: Yeah, I’m pretty sure?

TOKEN: He was downstairs the entire time getting everything ready, he was so excited about this.

JIMMY: Where could he have g-g-gone?

CRAIG: Awesome.

CRAIG: You guys are awesome at this.

i feel like this is the only one that would cooperate with tumblr since the others are full length videos but the concert was so fucking amazing and afterwards we met all of them, i repeat, all. of. them. it was totally worth the wait to stand out in the cold for ages to meet them and i really hope we can do it again soon. ps- i’ll post my pics with them later!