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⭐️ My Episode Wishlist ⭐️

Jeez, this might be a long post but here are some episodes I’d really want from South Park:

• The South Park kids somehow meet themselves from the future using a device from the Special Needs Science Fair.

• Speaking of travel, I think an alternate universe where everyone is genderbent could work too.

• All the moms start a “Bad Girls Club” type of thing.

• Trent Boyett comes back. This could take many directions.

• Either Craig gets jealous of Tweek hanging out with another guy who has a similar personality as him or the other way around.

• Jimmy, Timmy, Nathan and Mimsy. Just an entire episode with them hanging out somewhere or getting into some kind of trouble.

• Butters is really beginning to miss Charlotte, so he hitchhikes to Canada in order to see her again. He accidentally bumps into Terrence and Phillip and somehow convinces them to broadcast an apology speech on TV.

• A continuation of “Hummels and Heroin” so that we can see what is up with Marcus’ character. He seems very clever and I’d like to see that go somewhere.

• A full out Kenny episode without his hood. Or a backstory on why he became so attached to the hood.

• Actually, maybe an episode where he’s rich would be nice too bc he deserves it.

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@sivsket P.S. This GIF is beautiful.

Craig’s gang plays pathfinder religiously.

In their current campaign Craig’s Dming but when one campaign ends the dm duty is passed on (Token’s up next for Dming)

Their current party is an Undead Sorcereress (Clyde), A Barbarian (Tweek), a Bard (Jimmy), and Cleric Healer (Token), and an NPC Rogue (Craig)

They meet up once a week every Saturday night and play from 5pm- when ever Craig calls it (Typically sessions go for 3 hours but the boys always want to go on longer) they end up spending the night talking about predictions and theories (which give Craig tons of ideas)

It’s finally done eughhh

But yeah I found a few vines that I thought would go well with some of the characters lol

(Links to the original vines are in the description of the one I posted on youtube)