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Was thinking of Introducing Carry to Black Rose Blues for the next Story

Carry is the woman who took Jimmy in during his teens and took care of him 

She’s a Banshee, Thousands of years old, a Lesbian, and an Amazing person who takes care of monster kids of all kinds. She helped him through his Transition and is the reason he’s as confident as he is today. 

No one compares to Carry in Jimmy’s mind 


lol it’s so messy, i’m sorry for any grammar mistake or something… english language it’s not my better skill, and maybe draw neither lol

But I wanted to do this meme by @emisatoe. it was such an adorable idea, and since tfbw came out, with the new season of the cartoon, and the phone game, my heart started to beat hard like when I was a child, shipping this lovelly characters and reading stuff on fanfiction.net, oh what good times were those…

Ojalá le guste a quien sea que vea esta wea, estoy recién aprendiendo a dibujar y pintar en la tableta gráfica, así que no es de lo mejor, pero me entretuve mucho haciéndolo akasdjask <3

keeperixx  asked:

Headcanons on how Craig, Tweek, Clyde, Token and Jimmy would handle babysitting a young child (like for example maybe a first grader-aged New Kid?)

(Note: I kept them canon age for this and went a little more general about the kids they were babysitting. Hope you enjoy~!)


He seems to believe that watching a child is the same thing as watching Stripe.

The parent will drop off their kid, Craig will give them snacks and a juice box and then sit them on the couch. He thinks that’s all there is to it. If the kid complains that he’s bored Craig will suggest watching TV, but won’t let them pick the show. Eventually the kid’s gonna start wandering around the house and Craig spends the next couple hours chasing a first grader around his house trying to stop them from getting hurt or breaking anything.

This tuckers (haha puns) both of them out and by the time the child’s parents are there to pick up their child they are both fast asleep on the living room floor.


He’s a great babysitter, but it stresses him out.

Tweek is always scared to babysit. He babysits best when the kid he’s babysitting is a little scared too. Considering how Tweek has planned for any situation he’s able to reassure the kid by explaining what he would do if anything bad happened. Once they were both a little more comfortable with each other they’d go up to Tweek’s room and play with all the toys there. They play with legos, cars, tanks, and airplanes. Tweek makes them whatever they want to eat and has cookies baked for dessert.

When the parents arrive to pick up their kid they are surprised to hear that Tweek could keep them so calm, and he becomes their go to babysitter.


Most kids first choice.

Clyde is pretty childish himself, so he and kids just naturally get along. He lets the kid control everything they do and it’s more like a playdate than a job. They’ll run around outside, finger-paint, watch cartoons, play dinosaurs or monsters, sing karaoke, eat junk food instead of meals, and just have a field day. Clyde’s also really good at talking kids through crying fits, since he gives great hugs and knows just what to say because he knows what helps him through them.

When the parents arrive to pick up their child they are surprised when their child doesn’t want to leave and asks when he can come back.


Token doesn’t like babysitting.

Token is pretty apathetic towards kids, he can take care of them just fine but he’d really rather not do it. He’ll feed the kid, let them watch whatever they want that’s appropriate and let them play with most of his toys, but he doesn’t really interact with them. He just doesn’t know how to talk to younger kids, he’s always been mature so he feels out of his element with children. The kid usually has an okay time just messing with all of Token’s rich-kid stuff but Token actively avoids getting stuck babysitting.

The parents have no problems with Token but the kid isn’t his biggest fan usually.


He always forgets babysitting is hard.

He’ll agree to babysit without a second thought, he’s just nice like that. When the kid arrives he gets them some toys and maybe a video game and then starts doing his own thing, either scribbling joke ideas or watching a TV show. When the kid wants to do something new every five minutes Jimmy is always surprised.  Eventually he reminds himself that when he was 6 all he was full of energy and takes the kid outside. They’ll race, Jimmy will teach them some cool tricks and they have a good time.

When the kid’s parents arrive Jimmy offers to watch the kid again and the kid is all for it. Then the cycle repeats.