jimmy and sabrina

My Favorite Ships (6/?): Jimmy and Sabrina (Raising Hope)

Sabrina: All I want is a marriage like yours. One of the reasons I fell in love with Jimmy is the possibility of getting that.
Virginia: That’s why you fell in love with him? Because Burt and I have never been able to figure that one out.

“Jimmy, you always make it seem like you’re lucky to have me as your wife, but I’m the lucky one. I’m lucky to have you and Hope and your entire family in my life, and sometimes I feel like I don’t say that to you enough, but it’s true. And when we watch this with our grandkids one day, I want them to know how much you mean to me. I love you.” - Sabrina Chance

Sabrina: It’s more of those postcards from my mom. What are they doing out here?
Jimmy: I always, um, hide them in here before you see them, because I know how much they upset you. I’m sorry.
[Sabrina kisses Jimmy]
Jimmy: What was that for?
Sabrina: Because you committed a federal crime to protect my feelings. Oh, Jimmy, don’t you see? I may have saved you a couple times, but you save me every day.

“You can’t live your life without taking risks. Sometimes you’ve just got to jump in and marry the grocery bagger with the serial killer’s baby. …That happened to somebody I know.” - Sabrina Chance


jimmy & sabrina || animal [#10 ship]

Raising Hope was the most perfect thing ever asafijniengiognriognrvj svm vjneinfnfifniodndindjndjvndjvnlv;k I mean i knew that Jimmy and Sabrina were going to get together at some point but I never imagined him writing a play about their life. Oh my gosh that was just so amazing and I just asdkjfnfl;anfl;fnld;fdnfkrgnlgnld;gndndkafndlk;fjdfl;jdfl;jfklaf I loved it. "I hate kissing in public." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So perfect.

[ while Jimmy and Cindy are arguing ]

Carl: What’s wrong Libby?
Libby: [ sighs ] Is anyone else getting a little tired of Jimmy and Cindy’s love-hate thing?
Carl: What do you mean?
Libby: You know, the way they argue to mask their true feelings for each other.

—The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Episode: Stranded

My 100 Favorite TV Couples Ever

1. Leslie/Ben (Parks and Recreation)

2. Hal/Lois (Malcolm in the Middle)

3. Bob/Linda (Bob’s Burgers)

4. Jessica/Louis (Fresh Off the Boat)

5. Hank/Peggy (King of the Hill)

6. Jules/Grayson (Cougar Town)

7. Ellie/Andy (Cougar Town)

8. Jimmy/Gretchen (You’re the Worst)

9. Jake/Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

10. Josh/Arnold (Please Like Me)

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Airing at 8PM ET on February 21, ABC’s “The Wonderful World Of Disney: Disneyland 60” will celebrate Disneyland’s 60th anniversary with an array of pre-taped performances and entertainment segments. Those segments will include a handful of celebrities, ranging from current Disney Channel and ABC stars to veteran entertainment icons.

Many of those celebrities recently walked the red (well, gray) carpet at the core “Disneyland 60” event, and ABC has shared photos of those arrivals. Click the images to view the caption.