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The ending of the Oscars 2017: A Gif Summary

Warren Beatty: “And the oscar for best picture goes to La La Land!”

La La Land:

La La Land cast/crew read the card:

La La Land cast/crew: 

La La Land cast/crew to Moonlight cast/crew: 

Moonlight cast/crew: 

Jimmy Kimmel and Warren Beatty: 

this scene messed me up SO BADLY the first time that i decided to replay the whole game up to this point just to make it last longer & now i’m finally back

anyway, important things to note:

michael fucking trying to hide jimmy behind him, just in case trevor leaps over the counter and tries to strangle him, for no reason, right there and then, in front of his parents, a random yoga instructor, and god

the lil hissed “that’s great!!! that’s great which i am just feeling so hard for some reason
like i will forever be hearing that in my head when some rich stingy self-absorbed asshole brags to me about their latest pay raise or whatever.
that beautiful menacing edge of “i am actually so fucking angry at your entire existence that i have become unable to process my own emotions and instead looped back to slightly irritated apathy”

the fact that michael expects him to hurt his children and instead the very first thing trevor wants to do is save one

the fact that michael is so surprised about this even though tracey has always loved her uncle t and vice versa

the fact that he’s built up trevor to be this horrible, uncaring monster in his head - which he absolutely IS, just not when it comes to his friends! not when it comes to him! - in order to justify every shitty thing he’s done to him, and now he’s being reminded what he’s ACTUALLY like and it just dmfdnqnwfoqwnf


Season 3 Episode 2 Parallels and Opposites Analysis

We saw J’onn and Maggie reunite with their fathers.

When J’onn saw his father for the first time his father was apprehensive and unwilling to reconnect with his son.

However, when Maggie saw her father for the first time he seemed willing, though nervous about the situation.

As the episode progressed we saw the two take opposite turns from how they began.

By the end of the episode J’onn had brought his father back to earth and had a bittersweet reunion.

Unfortunately, Maggie and her father split ways once again. Maggie showed her father that she she did not need him and that him leaving again caused her to grow as a person.

The difference in these situations are choice and force.

J’onn and his father were separated by war and destruction. Neither of them actively made the choice to leave one another, allowing for their reunion to be happy, once it happened.

Maggie and her father were torn apart by the choice of her father. Her fathers homophobia never allowed for their reunion to be what J’onn’s and his fathers was because the emotional connection that they had was not present with Maggie and her father as he had left her on bad terms.

This episode gave a happy ending and a sad ending, but ultimately showed the loss, betrayal, happiness, and fulfillment that is simultaneously present in each character on the show.

Take a look at the many characters:

Winn- lost his father after he murdered many people and went to prison.

James- lost his father when he died.

Alex- lost her father when he was kidnapped and became a tool for Cadmus.

Lena- lost her father when he died

Maggie- lost her father due to his homophobia

J’onn- lost his father due to war

And finally…

Kara- lost her biological father in the death of her planet and her adoptive father when he was kidnapped.

Everyone in this show has ultimately the same loss, but they all come together and are incredibly happy. It’s important to note their happiness through their losses, because though it isn’t the main point of the show, it is a huge lesson that we can all be taught.


O K i gotta let this out somewhere so

these two lil shits are always so damn cute when they are interacting, like there’s a good amount of exasperation but also a lot of friendly teasing and smiling pl e a s !! STOP !!! U CAN’T DO THIS TO ME I AM ONLY ON EPISODE 5 LEAV E M E O LO NE