jimmie angel

The Oscars mix up was frigging hilarious.  (No, really. It was.) But it was quite touching how classy and polite and dignified everyone involved handled things.

*dude gives a long speech thanking everyone he loves, including his wife and kids*

*someone whispers something in his ear*  

“Well, I thought he deserved the award anyway! I’m happy to give it to him.”

And the Moonlight people are clearly a bit astounded but still hugged the La La Land people.  

And Kimmel sadly sighing at the end: “It’s me. Something had to go wrong.”

It was very human.  One of the few Oscar moments that was quite sweet.

Title: The Rapture

Inspired by the episode of the same title in Supernatural.

I am constantly reminded whenever I see Castiel, that I am always looking at Jimmy Novak’s face. After season 4’s 20th episode “The Rapture”, seeing Jimmy give himself up -so that his family will stay safe- kind of teared me up. He is a character that is almost always onscreen, yet overlooked often because of “someone else” occupying his vessel.
I like to think of this painting as a kind of memorial for him.

Inspired by the scene where Jimmy says “Yes” to Castiel. Since the true form of angels never came up in the show, I made up my own version. The background is a recreation of said scene (Jimmy’s house).
From what I know Jimmy should be able to see Cas’s true visage, so I tried painting it in his perspective.

traditional Korean painting method on hanji
2~2.5 weeks 

Supernatural and its characters belong to Eric Kripke